Petition for First Responders

I got this petition from  Here is part of the message.

As the spectators and runners looked for help, first responders sprang into action. We heard reports of the heroic efforts of police, firefighters, armed servicemembers, EMS workers, and others who bravely fought to get people to safety. It’s clear that in our time of need, first responders will be there for us. But are we there for them?

After 9/11, first responders who suffered from illnesses related to their service famously waited for years for medical compensation. The health fund for first responders is often left vulnerable to cuts. We can’t let that happen again.

Bravery like this must not go unnoticed. Ask Congress to ensure first responders in this country have access to the health benefits they need!

I find this a bit rich.  While I have sympathy for the fireman and medical personnel, I do not for the police, who turned Watertown into a Latin American dictatorship form the 1970s under martial law, with invasions of homes without a warrant, lots of yelling, treating innocent people like criminals, pointing loaded weapons at people, etc.  With this much Rambo going on with the Police I am surprised that someone was not killed in the whole exercise.  The emphasis is on safety for the police, and disregard for the safety of the population, which they are supposed to be “serving and protecting”.  This overblown military style search effort, and violation of our constitution, did not even find the fugitive.  Now after all of that they want us to dig into our pockets and give them even more money.  LOL.

On top of that Police personnel and Firemen are some of the best and most overpaid people in the workforce.  85% of California Highway Patrol Officers retire with a juicy “disability”, all at the taxpayer expense.  I am not saying that they are bad people (although with Police actions such as Watertown I am left to wonder just how much they are actually serving the community, which is paying their comfortable compensation), but they make enough already. 


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