Did Steve Jobs really make a fatal mistake?

The standard line about Steve Jobs and his death is that he delayed getting prostate surgery for 9 months after discovering the cancer, while pursuing alternative treatments.  When he finally had the surgery the cancer had metastasized to other parts of his body and it was too late.  If only he had not delayed surgery for 9 months, the surgeons could have gotten to it in time and he would probably be with us today.  The establishment says that Steve Jobs was “stupid” for not listening to the experts advice, and going instead for alternative treatments.

I came across a video by an MD who has calculate that Steve Jobs developed his cancerous tumor and that it metathesizes as a young man more than 10 years before it was diagnosed.  Thus any surgery immediately after being diagnosed would have been just as ineffective as his surgery 9 months later, because the cancer had already spread more than a decade previous and it was too late.  And not only that but his surgery after being diagnosed weakened Jobs, hastened his death and weakened his health.  In the end there is evidence that Jobs was right to hesitate to rush into a dangerous and debilitating surgery, which would have done him no good, and instead try alternative means.

This seems like anther example of the establishment circling the wagons and trying to attack alternative treatments, while defending their own.  Their seems to be a mentality among our society that when allopathic medicine fails-well they tried and they did their best.  Cancer treatments fail in most cases and cause enormous suffering and cost, but we keep going back, again and again, and never calling the doctors quacks.  In contrast, when alternative medicine does not work, it is immediately held up as incontrovertible proof of its quackery.

The following video is quite interesting, and will probably make you mad.  I cannot verify what the good doctor states here, but I assume that it is at least reasonably accurate.


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