What Fats are Best and Worst

This video is a nice summary which corrects a lot of misinformation out there propagated by the media and other interests.  Fat-especially saturated fat-has been touted as the thing to avoid, while polyunsaturated fats from vegetable oils are better.  The reality is reverse.  The oil industry has been manipulating this for a century going hand in hand with the media.

Healthy fats, preferably organic:

-Extra virgin olive oil

-Butter preferably unpasteurized

-Coconut oil

-Lard.  But choose the organic variety because toxins can accumulate in fat, and factory farm animal are given garbage all day.

-Omega 3 fish oils or unrancid Flax oil.

Unhealthy fats:

-All polyunsaturated oils, and worse when heated.

-Margarine with its trans fats.

-I am not convinced that Canola oil is healthy either, despite claims to the contrary.


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