Youtube Satire

I enjoy watching comedy channels on Youtube like BarelyPolitical and Bart Barker.  There is a lot of funny and witty stuff there.  Still, what I have noticed is an almost complete lack of parodies of Obama.  This is ironic because BarelyPolitical began its career with Political Satires, mainly with Obama Girl, who supports Obama.  There have been 2 or 3 cutting Romney parodies during the 2012 Presidential Campaign, but only 1 satire of Obama (that I know about) during these last 5 years.  Why?  Certainly with all the contradictions and scandals of this administration, there should be ample fodder for satire.  And yet almost nothing.

I suspect that ParelyPolitical is afraid of the accusation of racism if they make fun of Obama, or the administration is apply pressure on them to keep mum about Obama.  Either way something smells fishy here.  What do you think?


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