The Left vs. the Right

I watch Fox News and MSNBC from time to time.  Both are biased and highly partisan, but while Fox is not objective, I find their arguments at least make sense to me a lot of the time, and no infrequently they really nail it home.  In contrast, MSNBC is usually like entering some kind of loony world.  The bias is the same as Fox, but their whole outlook is find surrealistic.  Rachael Maddows I find to be nice, but she is far too biased for me to approve.  She does not hold our president´s feet to the fire, because he is a Democrat, which is a shame.  Chris Mathews is paranoid and suffers from some kind of obsessive compulsive disorder.  He sees racism everywhere, he is obsessed with the birther issue, and when he has a non-leftist on his show, he tries to badger and bully the guest until he gets a Gotcha line that he can take out of context to hurt the person.  Chris Mathews is not interested in actually listening to his guests.  He just wants to find a weak chink in the armor which he can exploit.  For him this is about political war between his tribe (the Democrats) and the other tribe (the Republicans) and all he cares about is scoring points.  You can hear him very begrudgingly “listening” to Ron Paul as Ron wins the argument.  For Chris this is too much for his self-righteous ego to handle.

In this interview with Ron Paul, Chris tries his usual tactics of attempting to make Ron Paul look like a racist, and that his ideas would return the US to Jim Crow if implemented.  Of course this is absurd, but Chris Mathews keeps trying to get an out of context sound bite from Ron Paul that would hopefully make him out to be an evil racist.   Ron Paul is having none of it, and sees the trap.  He also stands up to Chris Mathews and does not allow Chris to bully him.  He calls Chris out on his BS, and ends up soundly winning the debate.  This is a great clip.

Here Chris is back to bullying and badgering his guest.  This just shows how little Chris understands-or attempts to understand-those who are not exactly like him (an elitist guilt ridden leftist).  He lives in such an echo chamber, and has become so filled with paranoia that he actually believes that the guest took his gun to the rally to start a shoot out or assassinate the president.  He actually believes this, and seems to find it hard to understand why the man bought the gun, instead injecting all kinds of nefarious reasons.   This is what happens when people do not get out.  They marinate in their own tribal juices to the point where everything becomes a war of their tribe against the other.  Actually very primal and primitive thinking this is.  Fox does this too-and I wish that they did less-but somehow I find MSNBC to be more loony.  It also gives us a psychological look into the mindset of much of the establishment…and it is scary.

One final observation.  In the 1960s Liberals were called that because they were actually liberals.  They protested against those in charge and the government.  They questioned things, and wanted to “stick it to the man”.

Today the left has become “the Man”.  They are so bought off by government money, power and privilege, that they cannot imagine a world without more and more government controlling and taxing everything.  They have become co-opted and compromised.  Bought off.  Now when someone like a Tea Party person or Ron Paul speaks about Liberty, they automatically become hostile and defensive, and start immediately trying to interject all kinds of evil motives (and endless racism) to those who want to give people more freedom, and governments less overarching power.  The hatred of the Tea Party by the Left is so palpable and primal that it puzzles me.  It goes beyond just political opposition.  It is as if the Tea Party raped and killed their children.  The hatred is that deep and visceral.

And I would like to add that, while I sympathize with Libertarian causes, I am not a true 100% libertarian.  I believe in balance.  Still, if the Libertarians can help get there, I am all for it.  Government has become too big and powerful, and we need to bring it back to a more sensible center and make it more accountable.  People like Chris Mathews, however, hate such ideas.

Here is a final example of leftist paranoia, hate, invective, group think and double standards directed at Tea Party members.  The Left love to get all indignant about Intolerance and Hate, but then feels free to self-righteously practice as much Intolerance and Hate as they wish, just like the other hypocritical and double standard labels that they love to throw around: Diversity, Inclusion, Racism, Sexism, etc, etc.  I could do an entire paper on this…but I will leave it for another day.


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