Max Keiser

This video by Max Keiser is one of his best.  So many important points are made-points that are conveniently ignored by our elites, whether political, academic, corporate, syndicate, etc.

Realities brought up in the video are:

-The total insecurity of “the Cloud” now that the NSA and company are systematically violating privacy and security.  And to add to it, due to the Patriot Act, companies cannot reveal if the government is snooping on their data or not.  What organization would want to put their sensitive information into such a system?  If things don´t change soon, I expect web services to spring up in places like Iceland.

-The out of control fusion of corporate interests and government spending and power, where corporations increasingly rely on government welfare, and control policy and legislation to prevent competition, and rig the whole system, in giant cartels.  For instance, now they want to take away the tax exemption status of credit unions to reduce competition.

-We have a government which only seems to grow and never shrink.  We have 17 intelligence agencies with little really to do and a lot of opportunities to get into mischief, and even more dangerously so being in bed with large corrupt corporations.  We have little to no accountability as these bureaucratic behemoths spread their tentacles into everything, and Obama is not providing leadership on the issue.  I imagine that he is spending his time schmoozing with his donors and supporters.

-Numerous welfare programs are maintained to keep the unemployment numbers low, keep the population from revolting, and keep them dependent on government largesse.

The whole war on Cannabis was created to give previous government anti-prohibition workers a new job to do.  The last thing that the DEA wants is to reduce the drug problem.  The war on drugs is its lifeline, and they will fight to keep it that way.


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