What Fats are Best and Worst

September 15, 2013

This video is a nice summary which corrects a lot of misinformation out there propagated by the media and other interests.  Fat-especially saturated fat-has been touted as the thing to avoid, while polyunsaturated fats from vegetable oils are better.  The reality is reverse.  The oil industry has been manipulating this for a century going hand in hand with the media.

Healthy fats, preferably organic:

-Extra virgin olive oil

-Butter preferably unpasteurized

-Coconut oil

-Lard.  But choose the organic variety because toxins can accumulate in fat, and factory farm animal are given garbage all day.

-Omega 3 fish oils or unrancid Flax oil.

Unhealthy fats:

-All polyunsaturated oils, and worse when heated.

-Margarine with its trans fats.

-I am not convinced that Canola oil is healthy either, despite claims to the contrary.


Petition for First Responders

September 15, 2013

I got this petition from thepetitionsite.com.  Here is part of the message.

As the spectators and runners looked for help, first responders sprang into action. We heard reports of the heroic efforts of police, firefighters, armed servicemembers, EMS workers, and others who bravely fought to get people to safety. It’s clear that in our time of need, first responders will be there for us. But are we there for them?

After 9/11, first responders who suffered from illnesses related to their service famously waited for years for medical compensation. The health fund for first responders is often left vulnerable to cuts. We can’t let that happen again.

Bravery like this must not go unnoticed. Ask Congress to ensure first responders in this country have access to the health benefits they need!

I find this a bit rich.  While I have sympathy for the fireman and medical personnel, I do not for the police, who turned Watertown into a Latin American dictatorship form the 1970s under martial law, with invasions of homes without a warrant, lots of yelling, treating innocent people like criminals, pointing loaded weapons at people, etc.  With this much Rambo going on with the Police I am surprised that someone was not killed in the whole exercise.  The emphasis is on safety for the police, and disregard for the safety of the population, which they are supposed to be “serving and protecting”.  This overblown military style search effort, and violation of our constitution, did not even find the fugitive.  Now after all of that they want us to dig into our pockets and give them even more money.  LOL.

On top of that Police personnel and Firemen are some of the best and most overpaid people in the workforce.  85% of California Highway Patrol Officers retire with a juicy “disability”, all at the taxpayer expense.  I am not saying that they are bad people (although with Police actions such as Watertown I am left to wonder just how much they are actually serving the community, which is paying their comfortable compensation), but they make enough already. 

Just how dirty is our government in the war on terror?

September 15, 2013

RT has a devastating critique of how the war on terror has been manipulated and exploited to repeatedly by the US government.  It is one of the most comprehensive reviews about what is going on that I have seen.  And it is the first time that an established news channel has dared to present such findings.  Of course it is RT and not CNN, but I still find it milestone.  RT may exaggerate somewhat, but it still makes you think, and challenges with evidence the mainstream message that the government is protecting us and looking our for our interests.  Even if you take with a grain of salt what RT says in this video, it still is thought provoking, and will probably change your view of big government as a benign and helpful force.  Whether you agree with it or not everyone should at least watch it.  Enjoy.

Did Steve Jobs really make a fatal mistake?

September 15, 2013

The standard line about Steve Jobs and his death is that he delayed getting prostate surgery for 9 months after discovering the cancer, while pursuing alternative treatments.  When he finally had the surgery the cancer had metastasized to other parts of his body and it was too late.  If only he had not delayed surgery for 9 months, the surgeons could have gotten to it in time and he would probably be with us today.  The establishment says that Steve Jobs was “stupid” for not listening to the experts advice, and going instead for alternative treatments.

I came across a video by an MD who has calculate that Steve Jobs developed his cancerous tumor and that it metathesizes as a young man more than 10 years before it was diagnosed.  Thus any surgery immediately after being diagnosed would have been just as ineffective as his surgery 9 months later, because the cancer had already spread more than a decade previous and it was too late.  And not only that but his surgery after being diagnosed weakened Jobs, hastened his death and weakened his health.  In the end there is evidence that Jobs was right to hesitate to rush into a dangerous and debilitating surgery, which would have done him no good, and instead try alternative means.

This seems like anther example of the establishment circling the wagons and trying to attack alternative treatments, while defending their own.  Their seems to be a mentality among our society that when allopathic medicine fails-well they tried and they did their best.  Cancer treatments fail in most cases and cause enormous suffering and cost, but we keep going back, again and again, and never calling the doctors quacks.  In contrast, when alternative medicine does not work, it is immediately held up as incontrovertible proof of its quackery.

The following video is quite interesting, and will probably make you mad.  I cannot verify what the good doctor states here, but I assume that it is at least reasonably accurate.


September 14, 2013

The left professes that they care so much about the poor.  But when we look at their enthusiasm for immigration, it tells a different story.  Mass immigration of poor people from the third world is not beneficial for poor or working class Americans.  Poor immigrants lower salaries and take jobs away from lower income Americans.  They also lower the value of non affluent neighborhoods.  In sum the poor suffer from immigration by more poor people.  If you have ever read John Sinclair´s book “The Jungle” it talks about how mass immigration of poorly Educated Eastern Europeans, who did not speak English, led to horrific exploitation in Chicago 100 years ago in the meat processing business.  The whole system was inhuman, but that level of mistreatment by the meat packing companies would not have been possible without attendant mass immigration.  The system is really not that much changed today.  The owners of capital benefit from cheap exploitable labor, while the immigrants and native poor suffer from an ample supply of labor which drives down pay and working conditions.  Plus the rich get the state to pick up the tab for all of the social services that these immigrants need.  In addition the affluent get cheap and willing gardeners, maids and nannies.  Finally they live in such lilly white exclusive neighborhoods that they need not worry about the darkie immigrants moving into their neighborhood and messing things up.  The working class has to worry about that.

With all these advantages it is not wonder that our elites are gung-ho on mass immigration.  Here is a section from Numbers USA.

Please leave a comment on “Did Demographics Cause 1970s Stagflation?” by Megan McArdle of Bloomberg View.

McArdle begins by quoting this post from Karl Smith at Forbes in which he writes: Economists are so sensitive to any argument against immigration they seem to forget that any growth model that I am aware of will predict a decline in per capita GDP if the population rises fast enough.

McArdle herself explains how inequality has historically been reduced during periods of tight labor markets be they post-World War II or post-Black Death:

The labor shortage made the common folk much wealthier, but it made people who lived off capital poorer, because relatively scarce labor was now much more valuable than plentiful capital.

McArdle concludes that we may be chasing a chimera when we talk of going back to the halcyon days of the 1950s and 1960s. If it was labor scarcity that drove the income compression, well have a hard time replicating those conditions.

But McArdle herself avoids the obvious immigration angle. Immigration is accounting for more than three-quarters of U.S. population growth. The U.S. government has been driving the labor surplus. This is not a natural phenomenon; it is public policy.

The Senate immigration bill would double immigration. Is it any wonder that the money and power behind the “comprehensive immigration movement” comes from corporate owners of capital?

Youtube Satire

September 9, 2013

I enjoy watching comedy channels on Youtube like BarelyPolitical and Bart Barker.  There is a lot of funny and witty stuff there.  Still, what I have noticed is an almost complete lack of parodies of Obama.  This is ironic because BarelyPolitical began its career with Political Satires, mainly with Obama Girl, who supports Obama.  There have been 2 or 3 cutting Romney parodies during the 2012 Presidential Campaign, but only 1 satire of Obama (that I know about) during these last 5 years.  Why?  Certainly with all the contradictions and scandals of this administration, there should be ample fodder for satire.  And yet almost nothing.

I suspect that ParelyPolitical is afraid of the accusation of racism if they make fun of Obama, or the administration is apply pressure on them to keep mum about Obama.  Either way something smells fishy here.  What do you think?

Obama´s Rush to War

September 9, 2013

I find it curious that Obama is pressing so hard to attack Syria.  Why is this?  His background and base should be skeptical about military intervention.  He even won the Nobel Peace Prize-Ha Ha!  Opposition to attacking Syria is broad among the American people, and it is bipartisan.  This is not surprising.  We were lead to war in Iraq by lies, and people are simply not buying it anymore.

I suspect that there is something else behind this, probably military contractors who need to be appeased by yet another military entanglement.  What do you think?