The circus of the Zimmerman Trial

The whole Zimmerman trial is a prime example of why our Mainstream Media is broke.  First of all there has been around the clock coverage of a simple murder/manslaughter trial of one person.  Normally such an incident would garner little more than the local news.  However, the media saw a racial angle to the story and became obsessed with it.  This shows how our politically correct elites are obsessed with race and perceived racism everywhere.  They have internalized an emotional narrative in which blacks are noble victims and whites are hateful racists.   If the Zimmerman case were a typical black on black, or white on white crime, no one would care.  But suddenly because the shooter is partially white, and the shootee is black, then suddenly it transforms into a narrative morality tale of racism.  There is a huge disconnect between what the average person thinks of the trial, and what the elites generally think of it.  Average people generally think the whole thing is overblown.  The elites generally do not.  Below is a link to comments from yahoo news.

Aside from that, the MSM has a tradition of obscessing over trivial things, such as the Ana Nicole Smith death.  We have more important news to worry about like the NSA scandal and what our leaders are doing.  Maybe the MSM likes to push trivial stories to keep people distracted from the real news going on?  Bread and circus.


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