Double Standards in Political Correctness

We live in a society dominated by political correctness, and as such there are double standards in our society imposed by PC.  While mocking and criticizing men and whites is not only permitted, but generally encouraged.  In contrast, criticizing non-whites and women is absolutely verboten, and it is immediately labeled as hate speech, racist, sexist, offensive, etc.  People are so emotional and self righteous about any deviation from PC orthodoxy that it is often hard to have a rational conversation. 

Chris Mathews of Hardball is convinced in his minds that all birthers are racists, that because some Tea Party members are birthers therefore the entire Tea Party movement is about nothing more than racism, and therefore the Tea Party is made up of racist scum, and deserves nothing but scorn and derision.  Never mind that the birther issue may be motivated by more than racism.  That people see discrepancies and want to investigate.  That the Tea Party is a grass roots reform movement to clean up corruption and reduce the size of government and protect our civil liberties.  That racism has nothing to do with it.  But Chris Mathews is convinced that the Tea Party is about nothing more than racism.  His mind is closed and nothing we can say will change his mind.

NaturalNews has done a poll on these issues and found them inflammatory and polarizing.  And that a double standard exists.

Yes, it’s true: We’ve been running a social media “stress test” to find out whether internet users could have a rational discussion on edgy topics like race, gender and same-sex marriage…

The results of the experiment are mixed. Essentially, they reveal two very important things about America’s online social media culture: People are SMART, but they’re also sharply DIVIDED and become quite irrational on highly-charged issues like race, gender and sexual orientation. These results, in retrospect, aren’t all that surprising.

But they also reveal that any online rational discussion on these topics is all but impossible. The issues are simply too charged for most people to think clearly about them…

We also discovered that the most touchy subject of all is anything involving a black woman. To criticize a black woman, regardless of the nature or the focus of the criticism, is to invite yourself to be immediately labeled a racist. The only way to NOT be labeled a racist is to only say complimentary things about women of color. This is unfortunate, because it means there is no possibility of rational discussion about any issue involving a woman who just happens to be black. So if the next President of the USA, for example, were a black woman, she could immediately become a complete dictator because no criticism of anything she does would be tolerated in our society.

I also discovered that it is entirely acceptable to attack and demean whites or men. This is clearly accepted in our modern-day culture, and you can say things about white men that could never be said about gays, or women, or African-Americans.


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