Why the Chinese are doing well in Africa

It was mentioned that Obama´s recent trip to Tanzania that the Chinese are beating handily the West interns of investment in Africa.  In part the Chinese has the advantage in that they do not have to deal with all that colonial baggage and suspicion from the past.  But aside from that I am thinking that the Chinese may be doing better because they treat Africa more like a business, while the West generally treats Africa like a charity case.  The Chinese are there because they want natural resources, and they are fairly up front about it.  This helps keep the Africans fairly honest and they have to earn the Chinese investment.  In contrast Western aid is only loosely tied to performance.  Most African countries can continue to be corrupt and badly governed and the aid will still flow.  The Aid industry likes it that way, and their jobs and fiefdoms depend on the money flow, so they are not much interested in withdrawing aid as a punishment for African countries not getting their act together.  In fact the Aid industry will use every conceivable trick of emotional manipulation to keep the money flowing no matter what.  “We cannot stop the aid now.  Not when the little African children are starving.  If they don´t get help, then it will all be on your conscience.”  That is the message.


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