The Mentality of the Elites

I was watching a major news channel yesterday, and they had a live 20 minute correspondence with a reporter in front of the Nelson Mandela´s hospital.  We never saw the good man, nor was there any change in his condition.  The only “news” was that supporters were outside of the hospital, as if that were anything new or surprising.  In other words 20 minutes was spent to “cover” Mandela when nothing new was happening.  If the man gets sick or worse or better or dies, these all merit a mention, but not 20 minutes outside the hospital to hear that nothing has changed.

This represents the mentality of the politically correct elite.  To them Nelson Mandela is such a God like figure that even non news about the man is news.  They probably all have shrines in their houses to Mandela, and worship periodically.  I am not saying that the man is not important or worth attention, but when I see coverage like this is begins to resemble celebrity gossip news, which often breathlessly reports on utterly non important events, such as someone going to pick up her child at the daycare center.  Why should anyone care?  If Madonna has a baby, then that is news.  If she goes out for coffee, it is not.


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