John Stossel

The left makes Fox News out to be so evil that they do not touch it with a 100 foot pole.  While Fox is biased towards the Republicans, they also have interesting and useful shows, and those who boycott Fox reflexively are denied hearing contrarian viewpoints, and thus can continue to stay  in their mainstream, establishment, PC bubble.   Those in establishment positions especially need to get out of their bubble and hear other viewpoints, but most of them do not.  They flit among the NY Times, MSNBC, Obama, their friends and work colleagues, who all basically agree.  Assumptions which do not square are rarely confronted.

One of the best shows on FOX is John Stossel.  While I do not agree with everything that he says, and  I find his libertarian position more absolute than I would often want (a little to idealistic or binary at times), the man makes many excellent points.  We should all watch his shows, if only for the fact that his message is so unheard: in the press, our education system, among our leaders, etc.  John Stossel´s main argument is that an ever growing behemoth of rules, regulations and laws is strangling business in this country, adding extra costs, and by consequence the economy and employment are languishing.  It is a very legitimate argument, but outside of John Stossel I hardly ever hear it.  No one is even thinking about it.  Every problem is dealt with by adding more rules and laws.  Maybe the problem is that there are too many rules and laws.  When was the last time anyone ever took the initiative to reduce laws and regulations?  Instead they only grow and grow and grow, steadily imposing a growing cost on business, which comes out of the hides of expansion and employment.  Maybe the government is not the solution, but the problem.  Governments love to impose demands on businesses, because they think that such measures will be cost free.  This is a classic example of politicians thinking that they can get something for nothing.  But everything costs,  including government mandated rules.  And it is not just in the US.  Europe is swimming in employment and economy destroying mandates to businesses.  That is why the west cannot get out of its 5 year old and counting recession.

And the worse hit are small businesses, which cannot afford to hire armies of compliance experts.  Some big businesses even like and help write regulations to erect barriers to entry for smaller firms, thus reducing competition.   There are also entire industries which parasitically live off of these mandates: lawyers, financial experts, feminists, race baiters, and on and on.  They basically exist to suck on the blood of the economy, but they manage to make a nice living for themselves doing so.  I think that Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Act not just to please the feminists, but also to give a juicy gift to the lawyers.   Unfortunately all of these rules hurts the economy and jobs.

At the moment everyone is running around trying to figure out how to get the economy going and create jobs.  Many recognize that getting small businesses to expand and hire is crucial to this.  Until now the favorite solution has been to further bloat the bureaucracy with make work jobs and programs, when in reality the obvious solution is to stop tying down and punishing businesses-especially small and medium-with endless expensive rules and mandates.   If they could just let business get on with doing business-and also prevent the FED from endlessly manipulating interest rates, and printing money out of thin air, we could I believe solve most of our economic problems.

One of John Stossel´s main messages is that government initiatives may be well intentioned, but so often come with very negative unintended consequences.  When those unintended consequences add up they can become a real problems.

The first video is of 10 stupid wasteful government programs.  Great video.  Some supposedly smart people predicted that the disasters in Haiti and Japan would “stimulate” their economies leading to economic booms.  Reality has shown otherwise.  The destruction of valuable productive assets is always a net loss.

This one talks about the assault on free speech

Here is a video on government waste.


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