Alternative Medicine

I saw today a documentary about Dr. Burzynski, the alternative Cancer researcher, who is working on a Antineoplastons cure.  I personally don´t know enough about the man and his work to come to a definitive conclusion about whether he is a courageous innovator bravely fighting the system or a charlatan taking money from desperate people.  What I do know, however, is that the BBC story on Dr Burzynski was far from fair and impartial.  It was a hatchet job against the man, and just another example of how the establishment protects its own from competition.

The whole message of the BBC report was that Burzynski has not been given the blessing of the medical establishment, and that there is no proof that his treatments actually work (no proof that they don´t work either).  Never mind that after more than 40 years and approx. $100 billion spent “trying” to win the war on Cancer, Oncologists have barely been able to improve their own success rates.  Mortality rates remain very high, and patients suffer a great deal from treatments.  So the BBC can claim that Burzynski´s treatments are in doubt as to their effectiveness, but we know that standard establishment treatments have a poor success rate.  That much is not in doubt.  So standard Oncology has no right to be casting aspersions on the good doctor, when their own record is miserable.  The problem with our mentality is that when alternative medicine does not work every time, we use that as proof that it is quackery.  But, when allopathic medicine screws up again and again, we are endlessly tolerant of their repeated failures.  They gave it the old college try, and that is good enough for us.

The whole message and mentality of the BBC report was that anything that does not emanate from The Establishment, should be discounted, or treated with extreme suspicion.  And anything that comes from The Establishment should be accepted with complete trust.  Those who know how our medical system works are wise to be a bit more skeptical.  In the end the BBC is just doing its part to protect the Cancer Industry from competition and accountability.  There so often seems to be a kind of unstated quid pro quo among elite institutions.  I will help you maintain your racket if you help me maintain mine.  In that the BBC is doing its part to keep the party going.

This is why I find the traditional media to often be so unsatisfying.  Real reform and honesty is not going to come from it.  If you want that, you have to go to the internet.


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