Obama´s Lies and Broken Promises

I have commented before about the collective hysteria in 2008 towards Obama, and how salvation was just around the corner if only we elected our new messiah.  Since then reality has set in.  Some Democrats stubbornly try to justify their support for Obama by coming up with excuses that the Republicans are spoiling everything (despite the fact that numerous serious scandals have come directly from the executive) , that Obama is just cleaning up the mess of Bush II (weak argument after more than one term and things as bad as ever), that all criticism of Obama is just racism (do I even have to explain the absurdity of such a statement) or that the Republicans are just so horrible that Obama can never be as bad as them, no matter what.  Still, huge numbers of Democrats are grudgingly coming to the realization that this president is a pretty sleazy leader.  It also took Republicans about 5-6 years to realize that Bush II was a terrible leader.

After watching the videos I realize that Obama is quite smart and astute.  And also that he will literally say ANYTHING to get elected.  In sum, he is a pathological liar, and the leader of our country.  His strategy is the lie like crazy, and then deal with it once he has won the election and reality has set in.  And it worked, and now he has won another term.  Still, I think that he is going to go down as a very bad president.

Here are some videos of him at his finest.


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