It´s time to prosecute the real offenders

Obama´s Department of “Justice” has been about anything but justice.  Instead it is an organization-paid for by the taxpayers-to go after political enemies and those who stand in their way, all while ignoring the real offenders, if they happen to by buddies of Obama and those in power.  So many thought that Obama would be some kind of savior, but instead we get good ol´bare knuckled Chicago politics instead.  The level of corruption and cronyism is shocking, and more suitable to a banana republic, than to a modern supposedly democratic nation.


I got this from, which has a petition that you can sign if you like.  The explanation below is quite revealing.

Prosecute Wall Street Not Grandmas

8765910587_9190d78563_z-1.jpgOn May 22, seven brave women – six of them grandmothers and all victims of the foreclosure crisis – conducted a peaceful
sit-in at the entrance to the office of the Covington & Burling law firm, one of the major representatives of Wall Street banks in Washington, DC.

The Covington law firm represents mega-banks like JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America and maintains a “revolving door” with the government officials who are supposed to hold Wall Street accountable.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who testified before Congress that the banks’ huge wealth made them too difficult to prosecute–is a former partner of the Covington law firm. And, after years of failing to bring charges against a single executive at the big banks that crashed the economy and threw millions into foreclosure, Lanny Breuer, the top prosecutor at the Department of Justice Criminal Division, returned to his former employer, Covington, where he will make $4 million a year representing these very same banks.

The big bank executives who wrecked the economy and stole millions of homes through illegal foreclosures continue to walk free. Hard hit homeowners and communities still wait for relief. But this coming Tuesday, June 11th, the U.S. Justice Department is set to press charges against the grandmothers and home defenders who momentarily blocked the revolving door between their government and the Wall Street’s favorite DC law firm.

Please tell the Justice Department to prosecute Wall Street, not the Covington Seven Home Defenders.


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