Is this our future?

The movie “Running Man” is a cheesy low budget movie that has little to recommend it, except that its vision of the future seem surprisingly prescient.  In “Running Man” our government of the future is totally corrupt and tyrannical, but it hides most of what is really going on behind a mass media that is as entertaining as it is shallow.  People largely don´t know what is really going on with their government, and they are probably too distracted by enjoyable garbage TV to really care.

This sounds a fair amount how our government and society is going.  TV is as slick and empty as ever, the populace is largely ignorant and apathetic, and too wrapped up in their little lives to care much.  Government grow ever bigger, corrupt and authoritarian.

The only bright spot, not envisioned by “Running Man” is the internet, which has been steadily exposing the truth to those who care to listen.  Of course the powers that be have tried to censor and block the internet (CIPA, SOPA, CESPA, etc.), but so far have not been successful.  I am sure that they will be at it again soon trying to control the one thing that most is getting the truth out there.

Here is “Running Man”


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