The Amish

I have a certain curiosity for the Amish.  Altho I am not particularly religious, I think that their traditional country lifestyle offers an attractive antidote to our modern artificial lives, where we eat artificial food, breath artificial air, and live in artificial surroundings.  Humanity evolved with a lifestyle much closer to the way the Amish do it, than to our own.  The appeal of the Amish is to get back to a way a life more in tune with how we evolved.

Another attractive aspect of the Amish is how they represent an antidote to our overdose of modern pop culture, where loudness and shallowness are constantly pushed on us.  Instead the Amish prefer quiet and peace (often lacking in today´s society). The Amish also have a kind of genuine sincerity that is also generally looked down in today´s society where being the wise guy is looked up to.  I have seen this kind of genuineness in the Mormon missionaries.  I do not believe in Mormonism, but it is undeniable that most Mormon missionaries have an attractive kind of earnestness, that is just so uncool by today´s standards.

We should not overly idealize the Amish lifestyle.  There are clearly downsides (long work days, endless arbitrary rules, and doing without modern conveniences).  Still, I am happy that the Amish have not gone away, if only to teach us a bit about how we used to be, and what we have given up with our modern lifestyle.

Here is an interesting video showing the conflicts of an Amish couple chaffing at the rules of their group.  Worth watching.

The video below shows the interactions of some Amish teens as they go abroad for 4 weeks with 4 different families.  There are the usual culture clashes, and I think that the Amish kids come off as generally a bit better than the modern English kids do.  They are pretty tolerant for people who have grown up in a world where much of what we do they consider to be wrong.

The following video shows some of the theological tensions within the Amish community.  Some Amish are questioning the validity of the rules.











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