Sex and Relationships in Modern Day America

The video below is fascinating in that is reveals a lot about modern America society.  It focuses specifically on black American men who love to go down to Brazil to have a great time with Brazilian women whom they find to be much more feminine, attractive, attentive, fun and appreciative than their counterparts in the US, who are described as being aggressive, competitive, independent, self centered, demanding, materialistic and with lots of baggage.

While some of the problems, such as so many black men being in prison, or being unemployed or poorly employed are more unique to black culture, the reality is that the frustrations expressed in the documentary are also very common in the general American society.  First the US is a very materialistic and independent culture with a strong emphasis on Me Me Me.  This to begin with makes relationships that are healthy difficult.  On top of that we now have a female population which has grown up with decades of feminism, and its constant message of independence, anti-male mentality, competitiveness, self-centeredness and an enormous sense of entitlement.

It is not just black men who are frustrated, but most American women.  And there is a well established tradition of American men going abroad to meet and sometimes marry women from more traditional cultures where the women are more feminine and appreciative.  I have lived in Lithuania where the girls are more traditional, and that feeling of being a man there is so satisfying, and like nothing that a man is made to feel by women in the US.

One of the greatest ironies in the documentary is how black women criticize black men who go to Brazil, saying that they are engaging in little more than sex tourism (soft prostitution) with poor Brazilian girls who are happy to trade sex for having money be spent on them.  While this is often true, it is a bit rich coming from these “strong and independent” women, who make more generally than their menfolk, and yet will only date men who will spend lots of money on them.  It that not also a form of soft prostitution.  In America generally women like to think of themselves as modern and independent, but then still demand that men essentially buy their time.  This is the unexamined selfish hypocrisy of feminism, and the unexamined contradictions that prop up when biological instincts contradict modern culture and ideology.  In other words when women like to think of themselves as modern and independent persons who also have an instinct to be provided for by men.  Women today mix and match both the traditional and modern to whatever hypocritical system most benefits them at any moment.  Men have a lot less of this luxury.

The final part of the movie talks about the importance of family and responsibilities to the family, which are often forgotten in our individualistic Me oriented culture of where divorce and single parent household are too high.

The following video below exposes the hypocrisies of modern American women who still expect men to take care of them, despite being modern and independent, and often earning as much or sometime even more than men.  The sense of entitlement has gone too far.


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