Make research public

Aaron Schwartz died in the struggle to make research findings accessible.  He stepped on some vested interests in power and paid the price with a potential jail time of 35 years.  Meanwhile, serial criminal bankers can commit crime after crime and never go to jail, but that is a story for another day.  They are in bed with the powers that be.

In this spirit the Electronic Frontier Foundation is sponsoring a petition to require that tax payer funded research be available publicly and for free.  It is a no brainer, but I am sure that those who benefit from the current closed system will fight it tooth and nail.  Please sign below.

Support FASTR for open access to research.

You deserve open access to taxpayer-funded research. Tell your members of Congress to support FASTR.

Government agencies like the National Science Foundation invest millions of taxpayer dollars into scientific research every year, and yet you — the taxpayer — don’t have access to the results unless you pay thousands of dollars to buy academic journals.

The Fair Access to Science & Technology Research (FASTR) Act would fix this. The bill makes government agencies design and implement a plan to facilitate public access to — and robust reuse of — the results of their investments. Any researcher who receives federal funding must submit a copy of resulting journal articles to the funding agency, which then makes that research freely available to the world within six months.

The FASTR Act has been introduced with bipartisan support in the House and the Senate, but your lawmakers need to know that open access has the Internet community’s support. FASTR’s robust support for open access will change a flawed system that rewards private publishers at the expense of scientific progress. You can help. Tell your members of Congress to support the future of scientific progress.


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