Delving into the land of the left

I like to read from a variety of sources so that I do not get trapped in an ideological bubble, like so many people do who refuse to expose themselves ever to a contrarian opinion. In that spirit I read articles from the left from time to time to get a sense of what is up with their thinking. One of those sites is Care2, which has some good articles, but generally gives me an inside look into the skewed mind of a typical leftist. The more I read the less impressed I generally am with the PC/leftist/Democratic crowd. Here is a sample of some of the Care2 articles that I have had the privilege to read.

The first one (below) tries to make the absurd proposition that men and women are virtually identical.

They added that while there were differences in average scores on a number of personality traits, the differences “are not consistent or big enough to accurately diagnose group membership.” Additionally, they noted that having some feminine psychological traits does not preclude having other masculine ones, or vice versa.

Those who score in a stereotypic way on one measure do not necessarily do so on another,” they wrote. “the possession of traits associated with gender is not as simple as ‘this or that.’”

The study is a direct repudiation of pop evolutionary psychology, which holds that male and female traits are hard-wired and predetermined. Contrawise, there are plenty of aggressive women and nurturing men, plenty of women who excel at math and men who excel at writing. There are also plenty of women and men who are incredibly nurturing and aggressive, or good at math and language.

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This is the old cultural Marxist idea that all humans are innately the same from birth, and that all differences between humans are the result of societal and cultural factors. Among leftists this concept simply will not die, no matter how much evidence is presented that differences exist among individuals, ethnicities/races and genders. It has become an article of faith that we are all equal, so evidence from the real world must be distorted to support this faith based narrative.

The left is at war with sociobiology because it supports the idea that men and women developed differences in accordance with their Darwinian roles of reproduction and survival. Most people accept that men and women have some differences, and accept sociobiology, but not the leftist elites who refuse to accept reality, because it conflicts with their cultural Marxist biases.. Once again the experts with their groupthink prejudices are out flanked by common people with common sense.

One of the arguments made that men and women are the same is that not all people conform to the male/female stereotypes (quote above). This is a straw argument, since

few sensible people are making the claim that all men and all women act like prototypically according to their gender. The differences between the sexes is based on averages.-not absolutes. The effeminate man and the masculine woman are simply the exception that confirms the rule. The fact that high IQ intellectuals cannot grasp this basic concept of differences based on statistical averages indicates to me that they are driven by ideology and not truth. The same arguments are made by the PC crowd about race and they also fall down when faced by reality.

The similar argument made (above) by the left is that men and women have more in common than they do different, so apparently differences between the sexes don´t matter. Just because people have many things in common does not mean that differences cannot exist among them as well. The same is true of ethnicities and races as well. Once again the fact that smart people cannot understand such simple ideas leads me to believe that they are willfully being obtuse to support a biased ideology.

The following article wails about how cutting government spending is one of the worst things around. Heaven forbid that the bloated and wasteful public sector should ever be cut.

This one below is upset that anyone would ever put any conditions on those who receive public assistance. Apparently to the good folks of Care2 the welfare state should be as big and unfettered as possible. Considering that government handouts often create more problems than they solve-due to people being paid to not work and be indolent-I think that reforming the dole to remove disincentives to success is important. To Care2 and much of the left welfare is sacrosanct.

This article talks about an imaginary conspiracy in the US to keep girls out of science. This is absurd, but if one believes that males and females are exactly alike, therefore innate gender differences are impossible, therefore the possibility that girls simply are not as attracted to science as boys (on average) becomes an impossibility. This is what happens when people have a prejudice so fixed in their head that evidence cannot penetrate. In order to keep the fantasy going evidence has be more and more twisted to fit the ideology. It is like during the age of Galileo when the creators of models of the planets had to invent more and more complex explanations to maintain the earth centric model of the solar system. Instead of just letting the evidence lead them to the obvious, they had to wage a battle to maintain their prejudices.

Finally this article expresses the opinion that it is OK for Obama to usurp power as long as it is for a good cause-Global Warming. This is convenient hypocrisy. When Bush was acting like the king Democrats were rightly outraged. Now when Obama ignores checks and balances leftists are perfectly happy with it. Global Warming has become an obsession of the elites. Instead of worrying about the real problems of overpopulation and its attendant environmental destruction, they cannot sleep at night because the temperature might rise a couple of degrees-and that is a big might.




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