Why are Whites the only ones who are suppossed to negate their interests

The previous entry also takes me to anther point in our society, which is whites are considered to be the only race/ethnicity in our society which is not supposed to even defeat themselves.  Our country is full of organizations such as the NAACP or La Raza, whose sole purpose is to get as much as they can get for their own people.  These groups are not only accepted but generally lauded by the establishment.  However, if anyone were to form a society for the advancement of white people, to defend themselves against institutionalized discrimination (Affirmative Action) for instance, suddenly we would hear the cries of racism and the organization would be shut down.  The same double standard goes for women who have an endless list of feminist and women´s organizations constantly pushing for preferences for women, but the equivalent for men is considered verboten.

The argument justifying preference for certain non-whites is because blacks and Hispanics are on average poorer than whites.  But if we use that argument, then Jews, Indians (from India), Asians, Iranians, etc. should be even more officially discriminated against because their wealth is higher on average than that of whites.  I once heard that the average Jew has 10 times the net wealth of the average white American, and yet Jews do not suffer from extra official discrimination.  The whole argument in favor of Affirmative Action really makes not sense and breaks down when examined, which is why the forces of political correctness have to constantly intimidate people into silence and passively acquiesce towards the party line.  Open debate is the last thing that political correctness, wants so any dissenting opinions must be crushed before they can even be expressed.

On a final note as we happily move towards a multicultural society, and one where whites are the minority, who will keep the country together?  There will be no majority race/ethnicity around which the country can bind.  Instead there will only be a collection of different races/ethnicities, all fighting to increase their share of the pie.  In other words, a nice fractured Balkanized nation.  And when whites become a minority, how will institutionalized discrimination still be justified?, since whites will no longer be the biggest nor the wealthiest group in the nation.

Something to think about.


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