Black Obama supporters are motivated by race

It should be obvious by now that the grand majority of blacks are totally biased in favor of Obama because of his race.  Blacks already tend to be very heavily Democratic, but with Obama leading the party and the country, the support among blacks is almost universal.  Even lifelong Republicans-Colin Powel-have suddenly switched sides and gone for Obama.  Oprah, who never expressed much in the way of political opinions, suddenly is out actively campaigning for Obama.  And on and on it goes.  There is a very tiny minority of blacks are are unhappy with Obama, but it is sliver thin.

The following video shows how blacks automatically support Obama on issues about which they are ignorant on and have not thought thru.  In the video below the enthusiasm for Obama (our black president) shines thru, and so does the ignorance.  At first they support Obama on his global warming policies, but when faced with sacrifices to deal with the problem, the enthusiasm quickly vanishes.

The commentator below agrees.  He says that rank and file blacks could not care less about global warming, but they will suddenly express support for it if Obama does.

The reality is that Obama´s race infuses so much of how people view him.  Yes, some whites did not vote for him, due to his race.  But millions of whites voted for Obama, as a way to try and convince themselves (and others) that they are not racist.  Due to the constant message of political correctness and concomitant white guilt, so many whites have inculcated the idea that as whites they are born with a kind of racism original sin (even if they never did anything), and so the only way to temporarily alleviate these feelings of inadequacy is to make periodic ritual gesture to the gods of political correctness.  One way to show that one is not a racist is to vote for a (half) black man, and to accuse anyone who dares to criticize Obama as a racist, and therefore automatically illegitimate.

On top of the white racism guilt vote, Obama get nearly 100% of the black vote, and a majority of the Hispanic vote as well.  Being dark skinned appeals to many Hispanics, and furthermore he will work to make immigration as open as possible, leading to an eventual Hispanic majority America.  Of course this raises the odd point of why would people go to the trouble of immigrating if they only want to replicate their home country-a place that they are fleeing from-in their new host country.  But maybe that is a topic for another day.

Despite what the left says, I believe that Obama´s race has helped him more than hurt.  A few racists who oppose Obama cannot compete with millions of guilt ridden whites desperate to prove their non racism, as well as virtually the entire black vote, plus millions of darker skinned people (Hispanics, some Asians…) who identify more with Obama due to his skin color.


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