Who is right in this case?

The following video is interesting, and I am wonder what people think about whether Citibank was right to fire her or not.

Normally I am fairly sympathetic to the idea that employers should have the right to fire employees if they want to, but in this case I find myself unsympathetic towards Citibank for the following reasons:

-Clearly this was a case of mismanagement.  If they were so uncomfortable with a woman who has a good body, they should never have hired her in the first place.  To hire someone and then fire her just because they have a hang up with her body if unfair.  It is not as if she were wearing anything especially provocative: no low cut blouses showing off cleavage, no microskirts and no semi transparent clothing.  Instead she is wearing fitted business wear which is typical of young women.  The problem for management is that she did not go sufficiently our of her way to hide or disguise her body, but why should she?  Is there now a burka requirement?  If she wore clothing that was untypically provocative, they would have had a stronger case, but she wore attire typical for a young woman in an office environment.  On top of that it appears that they tried to get back at her complaint by giving her impossible assignments, which is sleazy.

In sum I see this as just another chapter in incompetent management at Citibank.  If they are so hung up on her body, they should never have hired her.  Instead they did, then they fired her for looking good, and now they are facing a lawsuit.  Good going Citibank.

A while ago two representatives of Citibank came unsolicited to my house and tried to convince me to get their credit card.  I agreed, and then weeks later was rejected.  I contacted the seller who assured me it was a paperwork glitch.  They came back to my house to convince me to sign on. Then a few weeks later Citibank rejected my application again.  Why go thru the whole song and dance routine twice if they are not interested in having me as a customer?  Typical Citibank incompetence.  Maybe that is why we had to bail them out.


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