Media Polarization

It is too bad that our media is so polarized and tribalized.  I think that directors of news programs have decided that money can be made by appealing to the tribalistic prejudices of one political side or the other.

On one hand we have MSNBC which appeals to the leftist/Democratic faithful.  The programming is full of wonderful examples highlighting why those on the right and Republicans are brain dead evil people who should be mocked and scorned.  Rachel Maddow seems to be a nice and smart person who night after night delights in exposing Republican hypocrisies and scandals with impressive and exhaustive documentary detail and even glee.  And she is generally has a point.  Unfortunately she is much less eager to shine her spotlight of human folly on the Democrats.  The vast majority of her bullets shoot to the right.  And looking at the comments by viewers of Rachel Maddow on youtube exposes the common opinion that Republicans are so depraved that they are not even human.  The acrid hatred is palpable.  As much as one may disagree with the Republicans, viewing them all as odious sub humans is not reasonable nor mature.

On the other hand we have people like Hannity or O´Reiley who are pretty much the mirror opposite of Rachel Maddow-smart people who usually make good points, but are generally blind to the defects of their own tribe and party, while spending the vast majority of their time delighting in slamming the other side, making them look stupid or worse.  All this served up to an audience that want a regular diet of attacks against the other side, and a self righteous feeling of superiority against the fools over there.

I wish that we could have a Rachel Maddow who relentlessly dug up dirt on both Republicans and Democrats and did this muckraking in a non partisan impartial way.  How about some scathing reports on the Fed, the dangers of vaccines, government corruption, the sickcare mafia, etc?  But that will never happen because that would step on too many powerful toes.  Instead the networks can spend their time always criticizing the other side.  And it fits conveniently into the agenda of the powers that be, by having both sides fight each other to a standstill, while allowing corruption and influence peddling to go forward unimpeded.  It is called divide and conquer, and it is working splendidly at preventing any real reform.

Here are some typical videos from both sides.

Both of these videos are generally right, but their modus operandi is to cherry pick (generally true) facts which confirm their tribalistic prejudices, and those of their viewers.  People can make very convincing arguments that are not lies, but also give very false impressions due to a selective presentation of the facts which mislead.


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