Republicans may regret their past actions

The mainstream media has been hyping the idea that the browning of America lead to Obama´s victory with his vision of a happy multicultural America, which appeals to Hispanics.  While a lot of this is probably the politically correct establishment dreaming about a glorious future in which whites will be a minority in this country, and will finally get the thrashing that they deserve, the reality is that there probably is some truth to the idea.  Whites votes strongly for Romney and there are less of them now.

For decades Republicans were happy to ignore the immigration problem and allow it to fester.  Under Bush II deportations basically collapsed.  This was all done to please the Chamber of Commerce which loves exploitable illegal immigrant labor, and resisted enforcing our laws.  Now the immigrant tide may be backfiring on Republicans as they tend to vote Democrat.

It is all part of a tradition of Republican leadership which is not really conservative.  Instead, Nixon, Reagan, and the Bushes all bloated government spending and deficits.  They did not take immigration seriously, and did nothing about Affirmative Action.  Instead they pretended to be obsessed with gays and abortion to get the religious right all worked up, so that they would not see the corruption all around them.  It was a great distraction tactic, but by now much of the religious right has woken up to the fact that they have been played for a fool by the Republican Party, which may also explain why Romney lost.  Don Harold said that he is tired of seeing Republican candidates who do not have real conservative values.  Too many Republicans voted for Romney only because he was not Obama.  That is not a way to energize the base or win an election.

Something to think about.


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