The strange world of China

November 12, 2012

If you go to this link:

they have an amazing video showing whole cities in China being deserted, because people cannot afford to buy them.  The Chinese government is determined to keep GDP high no matter what, and the easiest way is to keep building apartments which no one can afford.  The irony is that so many people want to live in these apartments but they are too expensive.  It seems that China is setting itself up one mother of a property bubble.  The next few years should be interesting as it all collapses, and along with it everyone involved in the project.


Republicans may regret their past actions

November 12, 2012

The mainstream media has been hyping the idea that the browning of America lead to Obama´s victory with his vision of a happy multicultural America, which appeals to Hispanics.  While a lot of this is probably the politically correct establishment dreaming about a glorious future in which whites will be a minority in this country, and will finally get the thrashing that they deserve, the reality is that there probably is some truth to the idea.  Whites votes strongly for Romney and there are less of them now.

For decades Republicans were happy to ignore the immigration problem and allow it to fester.  Under Bush II deportations basically collapsed.  This was all done to please the Chamber of Commerce which loves exploitable illegal immigrant labor, and resisted enforcing our laws.  Now the immigrant tide may be backfiring on Republicans as they tend to vote Democrat.

It is all part of a tradition of Republican leadership which is not really conservative.  Instead, Nixon, Reagan, and the Bushes all bloated government spending and deficits.  They did not take immigration seriously, and did nothing about Affirmative Action.  Instead they pretended to be obsessed with gays and abortion to get the religious right all worked up, so that they would not see the corruption all around them.  It was a great distraction tactic, but by now much of the religious right has woken up to the fact that they have been played for a fool by the Republican Party, which may also explain why Romney lost.  Don Harold said that he is tired of seeing Republican candidates who do not have real conservative values.  Too many Republicans voted for Romney only because he was not Obama.  That is not a way to energize the base or win an election.

Something to think about.

Why Romney Lost the Election

November 11, 2012

Republicans are pondering why they lost the election against Obama, who has presided over a 4 year recession, and trillion dollar deficits.  Here are my thoughts.

After going thru several front runner Republican candidates (Perry, Cain, Gingrich, etc) only to drop them as highly flawed, the Republicans finally settled on Romney, not because he was a great candidate, but because he was the least bad among the group.  In sum, he was adopted by a process of elimination.  While Romney looks presidential, is a good talker and is obviously smart, he also has some serious detriments in appealing to the American people.
One of Romney´s biggest problems is that he has over $100 million in net worth, gained mostly while at Bane Capital, a firm which mainly seems to have made so much money mainly thru leverage and sucking money out of companies which is bought.  In other words Romney participated in a company whose contribution to the economy is dubious.  In a period when the 1% continually get richer, often thru financial manipulation and speculation, while the rest of the population gets poorer, Romney the plutocrat does not go down well.  His statement that he likes to fire people did not help either.

In addition, Romney has an integrity problem.  He has flipped flopped on several issues, and I often got the impression that when faced with an awkward question, Romney tended to try to tap dance around the issue.  In sum, at a time when people are crying out for integrity and honest leadership, Romney gave the impression that he was just anther elitist political player willing to say say anything to get ahead.  I think that people, including Republicans, are still smarting from the dishonesty, heavy handedness and manipulations of the Bush Administration.  Romney did not give enough of an impression that he was fundamentally different.  In addition, he was (deliberately) vague about how he his plan was supposed to work.  The math never added up, which only added to the impression that Romney was jive talking phony.  He wanted to increase military spending during record deficits, when few people, including conservatives, think that this is a priority in tight fiscal times.

The Republican party had a golden opportunity to go with a candidate (Ron Paul) with real values and integrity, who would have energized the base and gotten a lot of independents too.  He would also have livened up the debates.  Instead of giving Ron Paul a fair chance of winning the nomination they did everything they could to sideline him.  They engaged in electoral fraud, and by the end the party had rewritten the rules to ram thru Romney, and exclude Paul.  I believe that this just impressed upon many Republicans and Independents that the bad old corrupt Republican party of Bush II was still around.

In the end a lot of Republicans and Independents were simply not inspired enough by Romney to vote for him.  Obama, despite his fall from Messianic levels in 2008, was still able to inspire enough Democrats and Independents with his vision of a happy mulch-cultural America.  He got almost all the black vote, and a majority of the Hispanic vote.  In addition, Obama at a personal level is quite charming.  His presidency has done little, but it is not worse then Bush II and for many that was enough.

Personally I think that neither Obama nor Romney represent much more than politicians who are continually bought out by moneyed interests.  If presidents could run the country with the efficacy that they run campaigns , the nation would be much better off.  Instead we get masterful campaigns, and sub-mediocre administrations.  We need campaign finance reform, spending limits, public financing of campaigns etc.  We also need for the people to start electing third party candidates, since the current duopoly has failed us, and will continue to fail us.

Finally this email form Campaign for Liberty, which I though was illuminating.

I’ve been in politics long enough to know making predictions is a dangerous game.

But standing on the floor of the Republican National Convention this past August, I’ll admit I made one.

Completely shocked at what I had just witnessed, I muttered, “Romney just lost the election,” under my breath.

The GOP establishment had just railroaded through new party rules designed to weaken the power of grassroots activists of every stripe – not to mention the thousands of young people who were just starting to become politically active after hearing Ron Paul’s unwavering message of liberty.

The mood inside the building at that moment was hard to describe.

People were frustrated. They were confused and hurt. Many felt betrayed.

Just two years after these very Tea Party grassroots activists provided the energy that made the 2010 elections such a success, the question on everyone’s lips was “Why?”

As news of the event trickled out to the grassroots all throughout the country, the situation only became worse.

With $16 TRILLION in national debt and sky-high unemployment with no end in sight, many folks I know were desperate and chose to look past what happened.

They would have voted for a ham sandwich for President if it was running against President Obama.

I certainly understand that feeling.

Like you, I want my kids to grow up in a free and prosperous America.

Like you, I’m worried about the future of our country.

But on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, 12 million fewer Americans showed up at the polls than voted in 2008.

I think that’s incredible. And it’s incredibly sad.

You see, I don’t believe those numbers are because Americans don’t care about what happens in Washington, D.C.

It’s not because Americans don’t understand the problems we face.

It’s that fewer and fewer Americans are buying what the Big Government, big spending establishment of both parties is selling.

And there’s no denying – with shifting political principles and positions, to go along with many anti-liberty stances – Mitt Romney was an incredibly tough sell for the GOP.

Going up against any incumbent, candidates who are tough sells virtually never win.

But now, you and I must be ready for the statists in Congress to double-down with even more assaults on our liberties in the coming months.

The good news is, our liberty movement is growing by leaps and bounds.

The next Congress will have more pro-liberty members than any in memory.

Finally Don Harrold has his 2 cents on the Republican loss.

Election Day

November 6, 2012

This post may be a bit late, but I urge you all to vote for third party candidates.  My favorites is Gary Johnson, but you may have your own.  It seems clear to me that both parties are thoroughly corrupt, and have betrayed and will continue to betray the nation and its people.  The Obama/Romney duopoly is not much of a choice, and neither will provide the kind of leadership that we desperately need.  Instead we will get more of the same.  We need to throw the bums out.  We need fresh leadership which can provide real reform.

Today please vote for someone new.

This from

Why voting third party is exactly the opposite of throwing your vote away.

Posted by Arkady K. On 10/30/2012

It is a well known phrase around this time of the year, “you are throwing your vote away”.  This is a canned response from anyone who discovers that you, *gasp*, are not voting for the major party.  It will take you all of 10 minutes to realize that these words are absolutely wrong and in fact, with the help of the electoral college chances are that voting for a major party *is* throwing away the vote.

Let me explain.

If you live in a non-battleground state, that is the majority of you, but live in a State with a very definitive shade of blue and red then your vote is decided for you.   Now if you are happy with the decision, then all is well and I envy you, as they say – ignorance is bliss.
What about the many of you who are NOT happy with your choice, but you are going to vote anyway?  Let’s say you live in Massachusetts and you really dislike Obama.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but a vote for Romney is a waste.   What about if you live in Georgia and really dislike Romney?  Again, sorry for the bad news, but your vote for Obama is a waste.   Yes, a complete and utter waste – it simply does not matter, you might as well not vote for the President at all….or should you?
Are you tired of the two party system?  Are you tired that every 4 years the choice becomes less and less obvious?   Are you tired of voting for the same big spending, big military, big prohibition, less rights and more intervention party?  Do you even believe that there are two parties anymore?  Unless your entire political concern lies somewhere in the abortion/religion/homosexuality triangle then you are probably yearning for more.
So there is a little know fact that I want to share with you.  According to the Federal Election Commission your vote DOES matter.  In fact your vote matters far more if you vote third party, then if you vote major party while living in a State where the EC has determined the outcome.
Why does it matter?  If a third party candidate like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein obtains 5% of the total vote, two things happen.  First, they become instantly eligible to be a candidate on all 50 ballots.  As of now, neither GJ or JS have made it on all 50 and claim that they are being blocked by the major parties.  Secondly, and probably more important than anything they become eligible for federal funding matches.

Since no third party candidate received 5% of the vote in 2008, only the Republican and Democratic parties are eligible for 2012 convention grants, and only their nominees may receive grants for the general election when they are nominated. Third-party candidates could qualify for retroactive public funds if they receive 5% or more of the vote in the general election.

Because the major parties have become so wealthy they are now declining the grants, but for someone like Johnson or Stein these grants are crucial.  Since money is information and information is the key in the political process, getting 5% becomes imperative.  With each additional % gained the eligibility of the federal funding increases.  That means each vote helps the minority party secure more money and more access come 2016, this is exactly the opposite of a wasted vote.
So that end, I have created a very simple to follow flowchart that can be passed around to those individuals whose vote can make a huge difference in breaking down the two-party one-party choke hold.
Note:  I am sticking to Gary Johnson and Jill Stein as third-party candidates, because Rocky Anderson and Virgil Goode are similar enough (Rocky to Jill and Virgil to Gary) that advocating for them would for the moment, at least, be entirely counter-productive.

So the next time some Republican in Connecticut or Democrat in Tennessee mocks you, remind them that they are ones throwing their vote away.