People who are so smug that they are insufferable

I came across this video series from TYT.  I generally like Cenk, even if he is a bit biased towards the left, but these commentators (video below) really get on my nerves.  Not only are they super partisan, which I do not like, but they are so damn smug about it.  They have this snarky, I´m too clever by half, attitude, as if they are the only ones who can figure things out, and everyone else who does not agree with them is an idiot.  They are so damn self satisfied with endless sneers of collective superiority.  And they have to mock everything.

In the video the woman is a prototypical conservative idiot, and an easy target to attack (there are many equivalents on the left too).  But there are also many on the right that can articulate intelligent arguments, but of course these guys would never put them on, because it is too easy to show an idiot, and then laugh at her, and feel so damn superior.  Arrogance is not an appealing trait.  They have too much of it.

One irony is that almost all the people on TYT are white men.  Personally I could care less, and we have too many racial quotas as it is.  But the irony or hypocrisy is there, because these leftists are so concerned about “diversity”, except when it comes to themselves.  MSNBC is full of white people, and Apple only has white men at its presentations.  Once again, I could care less, but the irony is glaring.


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