Latest Important Petitions-Please sign!

Here are the latest petitions that I have come across that I think are important.  Please feel free to sign any or all of them.  Many thanks.


A half-million people say NO to antibiotics in meat!

The revolution for Meat Without Drugs is growing! We just delivered more than a half-million of your signatures to Trader Joe’s asking it to stop selling meat raised on antibiotics.

How did Trader Joe’s – one of our nation’s most progressive grocers – react? Watch our video to find out, then take action to really get the company’s attention!

The widespread use of antibiotics in food animals contributes to the spread of deadly, antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’ in humans. It’s time to stop this practice, and it’s time Trader Joe’s leads the way. Trader Joe’s prides itself on listening to its customers, so make sure the grocer hears you by acting now.

Send your quick message to Trader Joe executives to get serious about getting antibiotics out of the chicken, beef and pork it sells. We’ve included a link to our video in the message, but please feel free to add your own thoughts in the box below!


Michelle Obama: Tell Barack to honor his campaign promise to label GMOs

By Organic Consumers Association (Contact)

To be delivered to: Michelle Obama, First Lady

Michelle, tell President Obama to honor his campaign promise to require GMO labeling and ask him to endorse California’s Proposition 37, a citizens’ ballot initiative to label GMOs.

Michelle Obama is a champion of better nutrition in school lunches and of ending childhood obesity. Which makes it all the more disappointing that her husband, President Obama, has failed to keep his campaign promise to support GMO labeling.

On the campaign trail in 2007, candidate Barack Obama said: “We’ll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified because Americans should know what they’re buying.”

But since becoming President, Obama has turned his back on the 90% of Americans who want GMO labeling.

If Michelle has done her homework, she knows that many studies link GMOs to childhood allergies and obesity–even cancer. So we’re asking her to pressure the President until he does the right thing: Honor his word and support California’s Proposition 37, a citizens’ ballot initiative to label GMOs.

National polls indicate that that more than 90% of Americans want GMOs labeled. And yet, President Obama has continued to green light a flood of new GMOs, including genetically engineered alfalfa, salmon, and 2,4 D “Agent Orange” corn.

The FDA does no pre-market safety testing on genetically engineered foods, instead relying on the word of Monsanto, Dupont and other biotech companies that these foods are safe. However, a growing number of studies link genetically modified foods to a host of health issues, including obesity and allergies. Even the American Medical Association has recently warned that GMO foods need to be safety-tested before they are placed on the market. Nearly 80% of all non-organic processed foods in the U.S. contain GMOs. Without labeling, it is very difficult to keep these foods out of our, and our kids’ diets.

In a visit to an elementary school in January, in Alexandria, Va., Mrs. Obama said: “We have a right to expect the food (our kids) get at school is the same kind of food we want to serve at our own kitchen tables.”

If Prop. 37 passes in November, California will become the first state in the country to require what nearly 50 other nations in the world already require: labels on genetically engineered foods.

Michelle, please tell President Obama to honor his word!


Whole Foods: Respect Our Right to Know About GMOs!

Whole Foods Market has endorsed Proposition 37, the California ballot initiative for our right to know about genetically engineered food, but it has done so with reservations that are strikingly similar to the lies the opposition has been spreading about “consumer confusion” and “costly litigation”. With friends like that, who needs enemies? Is Whole Foods really on our side?

Whole Foods isn’t chipping in to support the initiative financially. Could this be because the company is currently profiting from unlabeled genetically engineered food that’s fraudulently labeled “natural”? Organic Spies went undercover to find out what’s really going on at Whole Foods. Watch their video, then use the form below to let Whole Foods know what you think.


Sign the Internet Freedom Manifesto

We, the Undersigned, DEMAND Congress Cease and Desist from Further Regulating, Taxing, or Eroding Online Privacy for the Following Reasons . . .

***  The internet is the single greatest catalyst in history for individual liberty and free markets;

***  Internet collectivism is now the greatest threat to the future of internet freedom;

***  True technology revolutionaries have little need for government meddling and never have. Microsoft ignored the government for years and changed the world by leading the PC revolution;

***  Today, companies like Apple are changing the world again with products like the iPhone, iPad, iTunes, and iPod. Apple “Apps” alone have created more than half-a-million jobs over the past five years;

***  Technology revolutionaries succeed because of the decentralized nature of the internet, which DEFIES GOVERNMENT CONTROL. But statists are ramping up efforts to control the internet in several ways, including;

>>> Increasing taxes on the internet to slow down the technological revolution’s massive expansion of job creation;

>>> Destroying privacy rights of individuals with government snooping and efforts to abolish anonymity;

>>> Penalizing and intimidating companies in frontier industries that didn’t even exist five years ago with antitrust actions in the name of “fairness” and “competition;”

>>> Forcing telecom, cable, and broadband companies under collective rule via so-called “open-access” regulation, structural separation, and public ownership (i.e. GOVERNMENT ownership);

>>> Forcing internet infrastructure and wireless spectrum to be treated as “commons” subject to centralized government control;

>>> Virtually eradicating property rights on the internet.


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