Mitt Romney´s comments

As most people know by now Romney was secretly recorded during what looks like a small closed door fund raising even saying that 47 percent of the population (who pay no Federal income tax) will vote for whomever will promise them the most government largess, and that furthermore that 47 percent will not vote for Romney no matter what, so he needs to focus on the right and the independents to win the elections.

There has been a lot of outrage and the Democrats and leftist organizations have been making as much hay out of it as they can.  Certainly his remarks were not diplomatic, but they actually strengthened my opinion of Romney.  For one thing I like the fact that the man actually articulated an honest opinion.  Politicians these days are such mealy mouthed panderers.  At least Romney was able to say something honest and true.  Of course he would never have said so if his remarks were meant for the general public.  He was so honest because he was among a small group of like minded people, and he could afford to be.  I am sure that Obama has said a few things in private that would be plenty embarrassing if leaked to the media.

We need more honesty and not less in our public discourse, and Romney inadvertently proceeded a bit it for a short moment.


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