Important Petitions

Here are a series of important petitions.  Please sign as many as you can.  Many thanks.

Don’t Let Them Trade Away Our Internet Freedoms: Speak Out Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade agreement currently being negotiated in secret by the United States and eight other countries.

Leaked language from the agreement’s intellectual property chapter has been worrisome enough—and the public has no idea what is in the latest official draft, or even what the U.S. Trade Representative is pushing for in this agreement. There has been zero transparency in a process that is being pushed to the finish.

What’s worse is that the people who do have access to TPP’s official language are the same content industry executives that tried pushing through harmful laws like SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. The rest of us will continue to be kept in the dark unless we speak up now.

Join us in demanding an end to these backroom negotiations.

Check out our infographic explaining how the TPP would trade away our Internet freedom:


Here is a petition to pressure the Obama Administration to not appeal the struck down rule allowing indefinite detention.

We Won! Tell Obama: Don’t Appeal NDAA Court Ruling

We did it! But now we need your help putting pressure on Obama.

A federal court in New York just ruled indefinite detention UNCONSTITUTIONAL and issued a permanent injunction against use of that law. The provision would have allowed the military to detain civilians — even Americans — indefinitely and without trial if they’re accused of certain crimes or even just associated with certain criminals.

Please add your name at right to tell Obama to back off of his support of indefinite detention, and tell your senators to oppose it when it comes up for a vote this fall.

It’s an egregious violation of the Constitution, a disgusting infringement upon our due process rights, and has already had a chilling effect on activists and journalists.

That’s why writer Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, Tangerine Bolen, and others sued to block it.

Shockingly, the Obama administration has consistently supported indefinite detention this year — signing it into law in the dark of night on New Year’s Eve and defending it in court. If we don’t do anything, they’ll probably keep fighting to protect this law!

Please add your name at right and then use these links to get your friends involved — Obama will be deciding whether to appeal in a matter of days:


Here is a petition to pressure Apple to improve is unacceptable working conditions. Despite all the “enlightened” rhetoric the reality is that Apple has a poor track record in its factories, and loves to maximize profits at any cost. The poor conditions of Apple workers is even less acceptable considering that the company has more money than it knows what to do with. If Apple improved working conditions it could easily afford it and it would even help its image as an “enlightened” company.


Here is a petition to stop the corporate death star.  I hate all of these closed door, back room negotiations completely devoid of democracy, transparency and accountability.

One Million to Stop the Corporate Death Star

sign the petition

To all the governments negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement:

As concerned global citizens, we call on you to make the TPP process transparent and accountable to all, and to reject any plans that limit our governments’ power to regulate in the public interest. The TPP is a threat to democracy, undermining national sovereignty, workers’ rights, environmental protections and Internet freedom. We urge you to reject this corporate takeover.


700,608 have signed. Help us get to 1,000,000

Update: 14 September 2012
Avaaz staff at the TPP talks projected the petition on the wall of the hotel where the conference is taking place, but security shut them down! Fortunately, we were able to deliver our call to US Trade Delegate Andrea Mead — pictures of our delivery are here. The pressure is working – the talks are now going to enter a 15th round of negotiations next year! Let’s reach one million to stop the Corporate Death Star — sign now and forward.

Posted: 12 September 2012
Details are leaking of a top-secret, global corporate power grab of breathtaking scope — attacking everything from a free Internet to health and environmental regulations. It’s up to us to stop it.

Big business has a new plan to fatten their pockets: a giant global pact, with an international tribunal to enforce it, that is kept top secret for years (even from our lawmakers!) and then brought down like a Death Star on our democracies. Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Walmart and almost 600 other corporate lobbyists are all in on the final draft — including limits on smoking laws, affordable medicines and free speech on the Net.

Information about the corporate Death Star has been leaking, and now outcries in each of our countries could shake the confidence of negotiators and scuttle the talks forever. Let’s get to a million against the global corporate takeover. Sign the petition on the right, then forward this campaign to help us reach one million!

*The deal, called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), is a pact that the United States is negotiating with 8 other countries including Australia, Malaysia and Vietnam. Labelled as a “free trade” agreement, much of it is written to protect investors from government regulation, even if that regulation is passed in the public interest. You can read more about it here:


Here is a petition against Walmart for selling toxic GM corn.

Walmart: No Toxic Corn on our Shelves!

sign the petition

To Rob Walton, Chair of the Walmart Board:

As concerned citizens from around the world, we call on you to prevent Monsanto’s Bt toxin corn from entering our global food supply chain by keeping it out of your stores. A recent scientific study found traces of Bt toxins in 93% of pregnant women and their fetuses, making Monsanto’s corn a threat to human health and a far cry from the green standard and family values Walmart promises to uphold. We urge you to protect your customers from this toxic corn.

Posted: 19 September 2012
Toxic genetically engineered corn could be days away from hitting our shelves, unless we take action now to stop the world’s biggest retailer from selling it.

Walmart has struck a deal to sell Monsanto corn containing Bt toxins — a pesticide that works by exploding the stomach of insects who eat it! Several major stores are refusing to sell the corn — we already know it causes organ failures in rats, hurts cows, and a recent study found traces of the dangerous chemical in the blood of 93% of pregnant women that were tested. Only a massive public appeal directly to Walmart could protect us from this potential poison.

The corn is being harvested right now, we don’t have a minute to lose — sign the petition on the right and when we reach one million signers Avaaz will paper the small town where Walmart is based with ads calling on them to keep the corn away from our families:


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