Hypocricy in Affirmative Action

In the video below college student are asked why they do not support racial preferences in sports, but do in everything else.  Their answers reveal two things: one that these students appear to highly in articulate.  They could not reason their way out of a paper bag.  This is worrying considering that college students are supposed to represent the intellectual upper half of society, and that universities appear to not be doing a good job of fomenting intellectual rigor.  Instead lazy and facile politically correct conformity is the order of the day.  UnPC concepts are never even brought up or challenged.  Everyone wants to just go along, get along and move along on their career.

It is obvious that these students have never really held their beliefs up to scrutiny.  They are a product of an unexamined mind.  Instead of challenging themselves, they instead just conform to the idea that preferences are good in academics, but not good in sports, and never even think about how hypocritical and inconsistent this all is.  Much better just to go along with what their professors want, and not ask too many questions.  That is how most people do well by sucking up to those in power, and not raising difficult questions.


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