Bias in the creative arts

I have enjoyed watching The Key of Awesome for some time now.  Their parodies are often amazingly witty and funny.

One thing, tho, is a certain bias in their political parodies.  By now they have made 3 anti-Romney videos and no anti-Obama ones.  This was also true the last election when Obama girl appeared to support Obama.  Eventually they made a McCaine girl, but it was a me to after thought copy.

I have noticed that the Simpsons or Family Guy has wonderful satire of the stupidity of conservative white middle of the road Americans, but they never make fun of the absurdities of political correctness.  Bloom County years ago was an amazingly funny and clever cartoon, but it had the same problem.

What is going on?  Is it that the creative class is just leftist overall?  I suspect that all of them are afraid of taking on political correctness, and running the risk of being labeled something like racist, inflammatory, stereotyped, hate speech, and offensive.  So, they avoid PC, and instead focus their guns on whites, conservatives and religious people.  Romney can be endlessly lampooned as a robot and a rich out of touch white person.  But do the same with Obama and one is running the risk of doing something that could be labeled racist, inflammatory, stereotypical, hate speech and offensive.  The status quo wants to avoid that.

This is an unfortunate double standard in our society.

Here is the video.


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