Religious People are Not Exempt

There is a story of a Moroccan immigrant to the US who is suing Disney for not letting her hear the hi jab while at work there.  This bothers me for 2 reasons:

-First it is hypocritical.  People flee the Muslim world due to poverty, corruption and tyranny, which is in large part caused by Islam and its repressive, poverty spreading, Medieval culture.  Once they escape the problems of Islam and go to a predominately non-Muslim country then suddenly they want to impose their Muslim beliefs on everyone.  If they love the Islamic way of life so much they should just stay in Morocco, where all the women can cover up without problems.
-Second there is a belief among many that religious people can do whatever they want as long as their religion justifies it.  Religion is not a license for people to flout the law or the rules as they see fit.  If a secular vegetarian protests having to work in a restaurant that serves meat, he is told to get out.  If a religious vegetarian protests the serving of meat, we are all supposed to “respect” that.  The irony is that the secular position is usually supported by some facts or logic, while religious beliefs come from decree and are arbitrary, a question of faith…and yet we are supposed to respect the religious point of view, while feeling free to ignore the secular and scientific one.   I am all for respecting religion, but religion also has to respect those who are not religious or have different beliefs.  I do not believe that Muslims should have some kind of exception that allows them to impose their views on others, as the woman at Disneyland is trying to do.

Here is the link to the story.




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