Petitions to protect internet freedom, require GM labeling, help political 3rd parties join the debate

Here are some petitions concerning issues which we should care about.  The first is from

Presidential candidates sign declaration of internet freedom

Presidential Candidates: Sign the Declaration of Internet Freedom!

For the first time, the Republican Party has included Internet freedom in its official platform.1

And it looks like the Democratic Party will do the same — President Obama just recently stated his support for Internet freedom in a Q&A on reddit.2

Now it’s time for President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney to kick their support for Internet freedom up a notch by signing the Declaration of Internet Freedom.

The Declaration of Internet Freedom is a vision for protecting Internet freedom for good. It was drafted by Internet advocates of all political persuasions who agree that the need to protect expression, access, openness, innovation and privacy online should transcend partisan politics. Since its release earlier this summer, the Declaration has been signed by 2,000 organizations and companies and translated into 70 languages.

President Obama’s and Gov. Romney’s signatures on this document would send a message that Internet freedom is a nonpartisan priority for this country. Take action to urge President Obama and Gov. Romney to sign the Declaration of Internet Freedom.


This one is to urge Michelle Obama to urge her husband to honor his campaign promise to label GM foods.  So far he has ignored his promise.

Michelle Obama: Tell Barack to honor his campaign promise to label GMOs

By Organic Consumers Association (Contact)

To be delivered to: Michelle Obama, First Lady

Michelle, tell President Obama to honor his campaign promise to require GMO labeling and ask him to endorse California’s Proposition 37, a citizens’ ballot initiative to label GMOs.

Michelle Obama is a champion of better nutrition in school lunches and of ending childhood obesity. Which makes it all the more disappointing that her husband, President Obama, has failed to keep his campaign promise to support GMO labeling.

On the campaign trail in 2007, candidate Barack Obama said: “We’ll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified because Americans should know what they’re buying.”

But since becoming President, Obama has turned his back on the 90% of Americans who want GMO labeling.

If Michelle has done her homework, she knows that many studies link GMOs to childhood allergies and obesity–even cancer. So we’re asking her to pressure the President until he does the right thing: Honor his word and support California’s Proposition 37, a citizens’ ballot initiative to label GMOs.

National polls indicate that that more than 90% of Americans want GMOs labeled. And yet, President Obama has continued to green light a flood of new GMOs, including genetically engineered alfalfa, salmon, and 2,4 D “Agent Orange” corn.

The FDA does no pre-market safety testing on genetically engineered foods, instead relying on the word of Monsanto, Dupont and other biotech companies that these foods are safe. However, a growing number of studies link genetically modified foods to a host of health issues, including obesity and allergies. Even the American Medical Association has recently warned that GMO foods need to be safety-tested before they are placed on the market. Nearly 80% of all non-organic processed foods in the U.S. contain GMOs. Without labeling, it is very difficult to keep these foods out of our, and our kids’ diets.

In a visit to an elementary school in January, in Alexandria, Va., Mrs. Obama said: “We have a right to expect the food (our kids) get at school is the same kind of food we want to serve at our own kitchen tables.”

If Prop. 37 passes in November, California will become the first state in the country to require what nearly 50 other nations in the world already require: labels on genetically engineered foods.

Michelle, please tell President Obama to honor his word!


The following petition is to push so that 3rd party candidates can join the debates.  Our country desperately needs new parties, and the debates are a way to introduce them to the public.  Of course the duopoly is resisting, because 3rd parties represent competition.  This petition is from firedoglake.

Open the 2012 Presidential Debates to Third-Party Candidates
Sign the petition to the Commission on Presidential Debates and the Citizens’ Debate Commission

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney intentionally ignore the deep problems and corruption facing our government out of deference to the financial elites that keep them in power.

Because our electoral system is rigged to favor a two party system, both parties can remain silent as the concerns of average Americans continue to be ignored and worsen with time.

Historically, however, third-party candidates have forced those who can win to address issues of critical importance to the electorate when they would rather avoid them. It’s time for the presidential candidates to start addressing the concerns of the American people directly or make space for those with the courage to do so.

Please tell the Commission on Presidential Debates and the Citizens’ Debate Commission to allow third party candidates in the upcoming presidential debates.



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