Using Cultural Tradition to Justify the Unjustifiable

One of the biggest pieces of BS to become popular the last few years is to justify immoral activities for “cultural legacy” reasons.  This rationalization from the leftists who believe that any action-no matter how barbaric-is justifiable as long as it is cultural and non white.  Advocates of bull fighting have been adopting the same argument that the barbarism in bull fighting should be justified and above the law because of its history.  Using that logic slavery, Jim Crow, indentured servitude, child labor, indoor smoking, starvation, cock fighting and bear bating, should all be reinstated because they are part of out “cultural legacy” and cannot be outlawed.

The reality is that civilizations hopefully advances, and over time prohibit things that once were accepted and normal.  The idea that nothing can be reformed if it is cultural is nonsense.  It is a sad indictment that the European Union, which considers itself to be so enlightened and civilized, has allow bull fighting right under its nose.  Just another hypocrisy and failure of the EU.

Please sign the petition below from Care2.  Thank you.

Anti-Bullfighting City Forced to Host Bullfight!

    Anti-Bullfighting City Forced to Host Bullfight!

    Viano do Castelo, the first anti-bullfighting municipality in Portugal, is being forced to host a bullfighting event today, August 19, 2012. Viano do Castelo town hall abolished bullfighting in 2009 due to animal rights concerns, and has not hosted a fight in their ring for three years.

    Recently, Braga’s Administrative Court decided that “the right to exercise a cultural right was being infringed,” and set up a temporary bull ring in Viano do Castelo against the town hall’s wishes. Organizers expect 2,800 attenders.

    Most bulls involved in bullfights are killed, and horses ridden by cavalieros are injured when they clash with bulls. According to the BBC, about 2,500 bulls are killed per year in Portugal’s bullfights.

    Municipalities should have the right to ban bullfights if they so choose. Please sign the petition to urge Braga Administrative Court to stop forcing cities to hold bullfights in the future.


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