Fraudulent weight loss program

This documentary really makes me angry because it shows the fraud that permeates our medical/health establishment.  The Brookhaven Clinic exists to help morbidly obese patients.  It puts patients on a restricted caloric diet with exercise, so if patients follow the program they normally lose weight.  However, what soon becomes clear when watching is that the program is absolutely flawed and incomplete.  The clinic focus only on reducing calories and exercise.  It appears that no real education or examples are given on how to eat food that promotes weight loss, and health, and that helps to get people off of their junk food addictions.  It is obvious that these people are hopelessly addicted to sugar, HFCS, simple carbs, MSG, etc. , and yet no correction is given.  The example meal given to the patients is Wonder bread, chemical processed meat, an iceberg lettuce salad, and a “diet” soda.  I hope that I don´t have to go into detail on why these meals are at the level of junk food, or damn close to it.  Eating such a diet does nothing to promote satiety or health.  It simply uses reduced calories, along with hunger, to achieve its desired results.  Psychological counseling is also not required, despite the fact that almost all obese people have deep emotional connections to eating.  They will not consistently slim down unless they deal with these issues.
So the people generally lose weight at the clinic because they are required to be on a reduced calory diet, and they do exercise.  Then they go home, ignorant about how to eat, and not having dealt with their emotional problems related to eating.  They are given no real support once out of the clinic.  It appears that the only advice they give to them is to eat a lot less, and do exercise.  So they continue with their junk food diet, and predictably are not able to control their appetite.  They become depressed, and turn to yet more junk food to console them.  Then after a couple of years it is back to the clinic for more of the same.  From the video is becomes obvious that the clinic has taught them nothing about how to eat healthfully, because junk food is the norm among these fat people.  Lots of hot dogs, cheeseburgers, fries and pizza, with not a vegetable in sight.  Everything is processed, chemical laden, and full of harmful and addictive substances.  Then they wonder why they are fat.  These obese people don´t work and yet they seem unable to go to and learn even the basics of a good diet.  I know that the system-the government, the educational system and the media-promote ignorance, but the internet has a ton of great info. and most of it is free.  People just have to look.  I am surprised that these fat people are so fundamentally clueless.  Why don´t they spend a little bit of their endless home-bound hours getting a bit of an education?

The Brookhaven Clinic has even less of an excuse.  I am astounded that all of their medical “experts” (MDs, Phd.s, etc.) obviously don´t have a clue about even the most basic aspects of healthy eating.  Isn´t that why these “experts” are so well paid, because they are supposed to be so smart, informed and well qualified?  I have no formal training or qualifications, and I do not work in the field of nutrition or health, but I feel like I know about 20 times more than these “expert” ignoramuses.  What is it?  Incompetence or corruption?  I suspect the latter.  I have a feeling that the good Brookhaven Clinic is not interested in fixing people´s weight problems beyond the short term.  The program is designed to lose weight while at the clinic, but also designed to promote a rebound effect once out of the clinic.   The more patients keep coming back, because their problem is not solved, the more the clinic makes.

It seems to me that this is an incitement of our system up to the highest levels.  I don´t think that the powers at be are really interested in seriously treating the obesity epidemic.  Instead they pretend to treat it while ignoring the root causes.  Obesity is a chronic condition that keeps on giving.  It makes people a lot of money, and the government, the educational system and the media like it that way.  Food producers make a ton selling addictive food.  But the real payoff comes from the endless medical complications that being overweight produces.  That is where the big bucks are, and the status quo likes the obesity gravy train.  That is why there is so much misinformation out there.

Of a final note about the incompetence of the Brookhaven Clinic, they have a patient-Vincent- there who is fighting the program.  Life has taught me that people will never change if they don´t want to.  So why is Vincent still in the clinic?   I believe that they like the money.  As long as the patient can pay, he should stay.  In addition, they allow him to have unlimited delivered fast food while at the clinic.  And this place is considered serious.  What an overpriced joke.


2 Responses to Fraudulent weight loss program

  1. I think what you said made a ton of sense.
    But, what about this? suppose you added a little information?
    I am not suggesting your content isn’t good., but suppose you added a title that makes people want more? I mean Fraudulent weight loss program Internationalguy’s Blog is a little boring.
    You ought to glance at Yahoo’s home page and see how they create article headlines to get people to click. You might try adding a video or a picture or two to get readers interested about what you’ve written.
    Just my opinion, it might make your posts a little livelier.

    • internationalguy says:

      You are right. My blog tends to have a lot of text and is generally SERIOUS, which makes it boring for some. I should try harder to include more graphics to make it more visually appealing. I will also try to include more videos to liven it up.

      For me this blog is just a hobby. I do not get any money from it, but I do it because I like to opine, and let people know about news that I think is important. I often find it hard to find the time to necessary to make my blog as good as I would like it to be. There are many more articles and opinion pieces I would like to do, but for a lack of time. Please bear with the sometimes unprofessional look of the blog due to the limits I have.

      Still I value constructive feedback from my readers and will keep your comments in mind as best as I can in the future.

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