Campaign propaganda

This video is very instructional for all of those who want to analyze election year propaganda.  It is a video detailing why Romney is a terrible candidate…and presumably why Obama is a great one.  It preaches to the choir and tries to hit all the hot button points that tend to get leftists worked up.  We have the ever present accusation of racism, because criticizing Obama is akin to racism…how convenient.  We have to mention of the infamous Koch brothers…the bogeymen who cause leftists to wake up in the middle of the night screaming in horror.  And yes we have some facts which are partially right, but also artfully interpreted to give the worst possible light on the Republicans.  On the voter ID issue they show how Republicans opportunistically want to tighten up on standards to vote to exclude mainly the dysfunctional poor and illegals.  What they fail to mention is how the Dems. want to throw away standards, so that every illegal immigrant and street person can vote.  Imagine after scandals of voter fraud, having to bring a photo ID to vote?!  The horror!!  The horror!!  It is almost akin to drowning adorable puppies.  There are also the arguments in the video presented that opposing the debt ceiling lifting is really bad.  No, much better to let the deficit grow to infinity without any restrictions!!  They also talk about how Obama is not responsible for the bad economy for the last 4 years.  No, I suppose it is all the fault of Bush, and the bankers, and the Republican congress.  Obama as president has nothing to do with the economy!!  Amongst all of these accusations against the Republicans (some of which are true, and others which are exaggerated) there is predictably no recognition of Obama failures and corruption.

The whole little homily in the video is given with a pursed lip earnestness, as if the two speakers just want the best for the country…and are not well calculated political partisans trying to win an election.  Judging by the majority of the comments below the video, most people see thru it all.  But, unfortunately, there are also millions of true believers on both sides just itching for someone to come along and confirm their deepest tribalistic prejudices: that the other party is really BAD and ours is really GOOD.
It it time to vote for new parties.  New need a renovation in our political body.  The current ones have failed us and we need fresh blood.  Under Bush it took 8 years for the Republicans to grudgingly admit that the Republican party is an opportunistic and corrupt party.  After 4 years of Obama, many Democrats are slowly coming to similar conclusions about their party.


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