I bet you did not know this about milk

I like to think that I am reasonably informed about nutrition for a non-expert, but I came across these two videos talking about an aspect of milk that I never knew about.  Apparently all cows originally had a peptide called A1.  A few thousand years ago in Europe a mutation produced the peptide A2 in some cows.  Apparently this A2 peptide in the milk protein causes a morphine like reaction, and a host of related health problems.  This may be why when Finland cut down on milk consumption its health improved, while in Africa traditional milk drinking cultures remain healthy.

If you can get it, and it is clean, raw milk is the best.  I had some raw milk here in Spain a while ago, and the taste is nothing like the store bought stuff.

Another thing that I realized about this guy is that as far as I know he has not had formal training in his discipline, and yet I believe that he knows far more about nutrition and health than the vast majority of medical doctors.  It goes to show that in today´s world especially knowledge is all round us and at our finger tips.  If we are motivated to learn we can learn, and sometimes better than official curriculums, which are often out of date and driven by political correctness.


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