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I was watching a documentary last nite and it revealed how research indicates that proper nutrition for a fetus is critical for later health in life.  Apparently those whose mothers ate poorly during pregnancy, had higher incidents of diabetes, heart problems, greater fat storage and other health issues throughout their lives, even if the people later followed healthy habits.  The problem still remained later in life.  Low weight babies at birth also have more problems than heavier newborns.  In sum prenatal nutrition and care is extremely important for everyone involved.  Women should take care of themselves, and if they cannot, they should not have kids, because the effects last a lifetime on the innocent.


This is a very interesting interview (below), which I recommend that you listen to.  It talks about the fundamental principles of living healthfully.


In other news Kobi beef in the US is never actual Kobi beef, because all imports of beef from Japan to the US are prohibited, even in passenger`s luggage.  In the “US Kobi” beef, like the word “Natural” means nothing legally, so producers can assign any meaning they want to it.  This from natural news:


(NaturalNews) It has become all the rage at fancy, high-end restaurants around the world, and many patrons are willing to fork over $100 or more for a single serving of what many celebrity chefs and culinary aficionados consider to be among the highest quality forms of beef in the world. But despite its claimed presence at restaurants everywhere, authentic Kobe beef is not actually sold anywhere outside of Japan — and even there, it is available only in limited quantities and in select areas.

Most people who claim to have enjoyed Kobe beef at one time or another fail to realize that authentic Kobe beef comes from a specific breed of cow raised only in the Hyogo prefecture of Japan. The Tajima-gyu breed of cow has a long legacy of thriving on the unique grasses, water, and climate of this distinct region, and producing delicious cuts of beef — and there are only about 3,000 head of certified Kobe beef in the entire world, almost all of which are raised in the Hyogo prefecture.

But because the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) does not allow the import of anybeef from Japan into the U.S., including any of the cuts that are commonly referred to and sold as Kobe beef, real Kobe beef literally cannot be found anywhere in the U.S. Real Kobe meat, in fact, is so unique and special that it is always sold with a 10-digit identification number that traces its origin down to the specific head of cattle from which it came.


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