Why are people fat…and getting fatter

It has become obvious to most people that obesity has become a major problem, first in America, but also increasingly in much of the rest of the world.  Why is this?  Americans often turn to the culprits of fat and lack of exercise.  While we need more exercise, this is not nearly the whole picture, and fat (if quality) is not really fattening.  I personally can think of several other culprits for this obesity trend.  Here they are:

-MSG has been shown to predictably lead to obesity, and the amount of MSG is doubling every 2 years.  There are many ways that food producers can hide it by using terms like “texturized protein” and below a certain level MSG does not even have to be listed on the ingredients list!?

-Massive consumption of HFCS, sugar and simple carbs.  HFCS is in everything, and Americans are consuming sugary beverages in enormous quantities.  All of this leads to Metabolic syndrome, which foments: obesity, diabetes, Alzheimers, Cancer, etc.
-Growth hormones in animal products.  Since growth hormones given to animals are designed to make animals grow as big as possible in the shortest amount of time, and then we regularly consume such animal products I would not be surprised if they are affecting us as well. Of course, the food industry assures us that all is well, and there is nothing to worry about  😉  ha ha!

-Today´s modern dwarf variety of wheat produces a super gluten which is fattening, diabetes promoting and addictive.  The wheat that we eat today is not the same as decades ago, but few people know about his.

The gradual take over in the American diet of low quality, unhealthy, processed food, full of  MSG, salt, sugar, chemicals and low quality ingredients, but also low in fiber and real nutrition.  This change has been caused primarily by women taking on full time jobs, which then leaves neither parent time or energy to buy and cook real food.  Instead the microwave and processed food become the choice after a long day at work.  And we as a nation are feeling the effects in obesity, fatigue, unhappiness, medical problems, etc.

It seems that we have not learned our lesson.  Humans, like all animals, have evolved to eat a certain diet.  A natural diet.  When we feed ourselves food-like substances we are bound to create disease and ill health.  There is not way that chemical concoctions can match the balance and completeness of real food. Here is an article about a celebrity chef enthralled with new Frankenfoods…but only for the masses.  The Obamas will continue to eat real food.

White House chef says future food to be made from chemicals, not real food ingredients

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Every two years, a consortium of Europe’s most active minds converges at the Euroscience Open Forum to discuss the latest advancements in scientific research and innovation. But this year’s meeting, which was held in Dublin, Ireland, featured a disturbing workshop held by White House executive pastry chef Bill Yosses, who explained and demonstrated to audience members how the food of the future will not actually contain real food, but rather various combinations of lab-created chemicals that mimic food.

As reported on Six One News, a feature of RTE News in Ireland, Yosses and several other food experts showed a live audience how to create various foams, gels, solids, and other food-like textured substances out of chemicals that, when combined, resemble things like lemon souffle and chocolate pudding. These food scientists then shared samples of these laboratory creations with audience members, who were told that the imitation food products are the wave of the future.

“You take the (chemical) compounds and you make the dish,” said Herve This of AgroParisTech, a science and research organization based in France, to RTE News in Ireland. “So you have no vegetables, no fruit, no meat, no fish, nothing except compounds. And you have to create a shape, a color, a taste, a freshness, a pungency, an astringency, everything,” he added, likening traditional cooking methods such as “cracking eggs” and using real food ingredients to “living in the Middle Ages.”

White House executive pastry chef Bill Yosses shares a similar sentiment, as he believes creating fake food out of chemicals will actually help improve the quality of cuisine and availability of food. He told Six One News that chefs can use the information he presented to gain a “(better) understanding of what they’re doing and use that to improve the processes, to improve not only the flavor but the hygiene, the longevity, how to store things.”

“All that comes about from understanding cooking on a really molecular level,” he added, with sort of a twinkle in his eye. But when he was asked if these same chemical food experiments are used at the White House in meals served to the Obamas, Yosses laughed and said no, explaining that “the First Family is looking for traditional, sort of ‘happy recipes’ that people are familiar with.”

You can watch the disturbing segment in its entirety at:

While intended to specifically showcase some of the more offbeat scientific developments circulating the “technosphere” today, the Euroscience Open Forum, including the troubling seminar on chemical-based “foods of the future,” is actually a troubling foreshadowing of what may soon come for Americans. Some scientists are apparently of the strong persuasion that man-made food items are preferable to natural foods, and the former is what they hope the public will eventually accept.

The average person, in other words, will eventually be expected to happily eat green gelatin-like blobs made of chemical compounds, along with ambiguous cracker products that resemble “Soylent Green,” while the White House and the world’s other elites continue to eat wholesome, natural foods, including those hand-picked from Michelle Obama’s organic garden.

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