Fighting back to save the internet

The last year has been full of an alphabet soup collection attacks on the internet by the elites, who want to control and censor it, so that freedom of information and the truth will not get out.  Without the internet (as in the past) the powers-at-be can control, filter and massage what news gets out to the public, keeping them in the dark and only letting them find out what the powerful want the people to find out.  They control the educational system, the mainstream media, the experts and the political message.   The internet bypasses all of that and reveals hidden corruption and scandals.
Without the internet the Mormons would be ignorant of their history, the Catholic church would have had a better chance to cover up the priest sex scandal, Monsanto would be unaccountable, the Ron Paul movement would have been stymied, people would be ignorant of the machinations of the FED, etc.  Now we know and this threatens the interests of those in power, who fights back with censorship laws under the guise of “intellectual property” and fighting terrorism.  The internet makes our leaders more accountable…and they do not like that!
The numerous internet censoring bills have been stopped…because of the internet, and the instant opposition that it has created.  We must continue to be vigilant and also aware that we have the power to fight this, and have been successful.  I was heartened by a news item in about how we blocked yet another attempt to block the internet.


Saving the Internet


  • January 2012
  • Over 3 million petition signatures

In just 3 weeks, over 3 million of us worldwide signed a petition opposing a scandalous bill that would give the US government the right to shut down any website – targeting sites like YouTube, WikiLeaks and even Avaaz! We worked with other organisations such as DemandProgress, and President Obama’s team responded. Avaaz organised a 1 hour meeting with top White House officials to deliver the petition. The White House subsequently condemned the bill and key backers withdrew their support. As of right now, the Internet censorship bill is dead in the water. When we started, everyone told us the bill could not be stopped, now it’s been ditched by both parties — a huge win for internet freedom and for people power!

Keep up the fight with confidence.


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