Cup holder in cars in America

I have noticed lately that American cars (or those designed for the American market) have a lot of cup holders. The more the better it seems. Some cars have 10 or more cup holders, which makes me wonder why a car needs more cup holders than passengers. This seems to reflect something about the American way of life that is mostly lacking in Europe. I heard a story about how American dealers were demanding that VW put cup holders into their vehicles. Eventually VW grudgingly obliged with a couple of them which could fold away.

I think that this difference reflects on how much Americans have drinks on the go. In Europe most people either drink their drinks in the place where they bought them, or they might carry around a bottle of something, but carrying a cup around town is much more unusual. Thus Europeans do not need cup holders. At most they need bottle holders.

This is just one of the reasons (among many) which reveals why Americans are fatter than Europeans, since the vast majority of take-out drinks are full of HFCS. Whether it is soda, sweetened coffee, sports drinks, smoothies, etc. Americans tend to be consuming sugary beverages throughout most of the day, spiking their blood sugar and adding on pounds. Sweet food tend to be addicting, and Americans tend to be addicted to sugar consumption all day long.


One Response to Cup holder in cars in America

  1. This is a good post. Although I never noticed so keenly why there are so many cup holders and what makes people fatter than others ;)… but this is a nice discovery 🙂

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