Just How Gree is Apple

One of the great ironies-or hypocrisies-is that the prototypical Apple computer user is a hip upper income leftist who lives in San Fransisco, and considers himself to be progressive, enlightened, noble, politically correct, pro environmental and pro human rights person.  Apple makes some great products, but they have never been especially concerned about the environment, despite the fact that they have fat profit margins.  Steve Jobs created a money making machine designed to extract maximum profits at any costs.  By now Apple is so rolling in cash that they could afford to improve their environmental credentials and workers conditions.  Instead they want to make more and more money.

Apple products have always been non modular, thus encouraging people to throw away their products when only one piece breaks.  They have also been very successful at creating a mania where a lot of people buy the latest Apple product mainly to show off to their friends and peers, and get social status.  Once a few months have passed, a new version is released and they feel compelled to go out and buy the latest version, or be left stuck with the “old” model and their self respect and dignity in tatters.  Obviously buying a new device every year or less is not smart spending and is not good for the environment either.

It makes me wonder if these of oh so progressive and enlightened individuals from San Francisco who compulsively buy Apple products maybe do it to show off and gain social status, and frankly they do not care much about either the environment or working conditions in China.  It seems like more hypocrisy from the left, just like Al Gore who wails about Global Warming, while his personal energy consumption is thru the roof.  Or the leftist celebrity complaining about how bad the rich are while continuing to live a life of wealth and luxury.  To me all of this looks like self-serving hypocrisy, to gain social status within one´s group by appearing to be “enlightened and progressive”, while in reality behaving fundamentally like most people do-self-servingly.  A further rub is that a lot of these people like to look down on the rest of the population, because they consider anyone who is not like them to be morally inferior, and not sufficiently “enlgihtened”.

Of course hypocrisy is not exclusive to the left.  The right also has plenty too.

Here is the article from Care2 on Apple and its environmental credentials.

How Green Was Apple: Products Lose Environmentally Friendly Designation

97 commentsHow Green Was Apple: Products Lose Environmentally Friendly Designation

Apple has withdrawn itself from a program granting environmentally friendly certification to electronic products. According to CNET, it was late last month that Apple announced that it would no longer submit its devices to the nonprofit EPEAT group for green certification and that it was also withdrawing its currently certified products from the organization’s registry.

The Environmental Protection Agency helps to fund EPEAT, the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool. EPEAT describes itself as “the leading global environmental rating system for electronic products, connecting purchasers to environmentally preferable choices and benefiting producers who demonstrate environmental responsibility and innovation.” An EPEAT seal means that, as Joel Schechtman writes on the the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal, a product is “recyclable and designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental harm.”

So why did Apple drop out from EPEAT?The reason is the “design direction” for its products, as EPEAT CEO Robert Frisbee says in CIO Journal. To meet EPEAT’s standards, products need to be easy to take apart, so their components can be recycled. But such is not the case with Apple’s star products, the iPhone, the iPad and the new MacBook Pro with Retina display, as Schechtman explains:

One of Apple’s newest products, the MacBook Pro with a high-resolution “Retina” display, was nearly impossible to fully disassemble, said Kyle Wiens, co-founder of iFixit.com, a website that provides directions for users to repair their own machines. The battery was glued to the case, and the glass display was glued to its back. The product, released just a month ago, had not been submitted for EPEAT certification, according to the organization.

If battery is glued to the case, neither part can be recycled.

Schechtman also cites Shaw Wu, an analyst at Sterne Agee, who says that Apple’s intent is not to make it hard to open the cases of its devices. Rather, “they are just trying to pack as much as they can into a small space–it’s a design decision,” Wu notes. It is also a business decision, with consumers eager for smaller, thinner, lighter products.

Apple, as Wu also notes, will very likely soon devise an “alternate standard for its own products.” But should not consumers be wary of Apple using standards it creates to proclaim how environmentally friendly its own products are?

The word is out that a new, smaller, iPad Mini is in the works: How “green,” how recyclable, will this new device be?
Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/how-green-was-apple.html#ixzz20hYfbxJf


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