Divide and Conquer

In this video Don is right.  The powers at be love to rev up our tribalistic instincts, and look for convenient wedge issues to distract and blindside the public.  After all if the Democrats can get worked up enough about how bad the Republicans are, they tend to forget how bad their own party is.  And the same is true with the Republicans.  The Republicans harp on abortion, prayer in school, and homosexuals to get their supporters worked up into a lather, while the Democrats get the faithful going with stories of an imaginary “war on women”, and how evil the Tea Party supposedly is.  This conveniently leaves them free to loot the country and get away from it, because “at least they are not the horrible other party”.

The American people need to wake up and focus on issues of abuse and corruption, and stop being distracted by tribalistic demonizing of the “enemy”, which distracts them from the real issues.  Both parties are very similar and both are corrupt and bought off.  It is time to hold them accountable, and demand better govenment.


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