I find it ironic that the prototypical Apple lover is probably some hip, trendy, upper income, left of center, politically correct, San Francisco type presumably worried about human rights and the environment.  The only problem is that Apple has a poor track record of environmentalism, and deliberately designs its products to not be modular to shorted their lifespans.  The whole apple focus is on getting a new iphone or ipad every year to be trendy and cool.  But throwing away perfectly good devices every year to be cool is bad for the environment.  Apple also makes its devices with virtual slave labor in Asia.  This is ironic because with the profit margins that the company has ,they could easily require better human rights and environmental standards from their suppliers.  But no, it wants to squeeze as much profit as it can, despite the human cost, and despite the fact that the company has so much money is hardly knows what to do with it all.

Finally, do not get me started on how Apple products have the most closed environment around.

This infographic, from Care2, explains how the iphone is not good for the environment.


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