Groups vs. Individuals

It has been shown that individuals working independently come to better decisions than do groups talking about it around a big table.  Groups suffer from the conformity of political correctness and group think, while individuals working on their own are more able to be independent and think for themselves.

While the public has gotten wise to the dangers of refined grains and sugar, and that healthy (saturated) fats are not necessarily bad, official health institutions continue to parrot the same line (going back to the 1970s) that cholesterol and (saturated) fat are evil, while sugar and refined grain are not much to worry about.  These official health agencies have become hostages to political correctness, the politics of big money, and the inertia of their decisions.

The same is often true with journalism.  I often find a huge disconnect between the typical politically correct elite consensus oriented journalistic story, and the comments section below.  It is as if the journalists and the readers are living on different planets.  And I find that the readers almost always have comments that are more interesting, insightful, honest, diverse and true.  Of course there are the stupid readers comments, but there are also many that are far superior to that provided by the professional journalists.

Look at this video.  On one hand we have the typical elite view that global warming is the end of the world, because the experts say so.  However, if you look at the comments section below, you will find that the public have an almost completely different view from the official one.

Another point as well in this video is the decline of official journalism, and the rise of the bloggisphere.  This is not surprising since the bloggisphere is so often more honest, insightful, diverse, independent, responsive and gets to the heart of the matter.  People compare blogs and traditional journalism, and they come to the conclusion that traditional journalism has become (too often) hostage to conflicts of interest, group think and political correctness.  Traditional journalism also often expects people to pay for the privilege of reading their mediocrity.

If you want to hear the other side with the climate skeptics, and some thoughtful comments go here.

This is another good video with some thoughts on Climate Change and the debate.


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