Illegal Alien Tax Loophole

I continue to be amazed at how people can be illegally in a country like the US and yet benefit from government programs like state tuition.  Illegals should be hiding from the authorities, not enjoying the benefits of government programs.  Certainty in Spain this does not happen…nor in other European countries as far as I know.  But not in the US where we provide for those who are illegally in the country.

I got this from NumbersUSA on yet another scandalous give away to illegals.

Are you outraged yet? The IRS knowingly enables illegal aliens to defraud American taxpayers. It’s true: When an illegal alien has no Social Security Number, the IRS issues a special Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). The alien can then use that to file a tax return. But he’s not paying taxes; he’s getting your tax money!

Not only does he generally get back all the money he paid that year, he can ask $1,000 for each of a list of children he writes down on the tax return. They don’t need to be his own children. They don’t even need to live with him, or live in America at all!

The IRS will send him the money, no questions asked. The more foreign children he claims, the more money they send him. It’s almost as if he was being thanked and rewarded for being an illegal alien, isn’t it? It sounds too preposterous to be real, but it’s exactly what’s happening. And the Treasury Department Inspector General for Tax Administration says, “the magnitude of the problem has grown exponentially.”

We need to stop this. Every year the IRS sends $4.2 Billion to people who admit to being illegal aliens, even for children who do not live in this country. In fact, 72% of all illegal aliens who file a tax return using the tax number for illegal aliens (the ITIN) receive this so-called “Additional Child Tax Credit.” If we as a nation wanted to encourage more illegal aliens, could we devise something more enticing even if we worked at it a thousand years?

Don’t you want to see this reward for crime abolished? Don’t you want to save America billions of dollars? Finally, Rep. Jack Kingston of Georgia (H.R.3444) and Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana (S.577) have introduced bills that would close the loophole and shut off cold this gravy train for illegal aliens… if we can press Congress to act.

Please send a generous donation now, to allow us to do everything in our power to pass the reform bills and stop rewarding crime!

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I hope I’m getting across that these child credits for foreign children claimed by illegal aliens are NOT a small problem. More than TWO MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS receive these subsidies! So far, Congress couldn’t care less. (If you want to hear all the facts about the ACTC, please look at the replay of our webcast from Thursday.)

Congress will only stop rewarding illegal immigration when they hear about nothing else. Please send us a donation, and we’ll be able to yell a whole lot louder.


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