Stop the TSA

The TSA has morphed from a sensible airport security measure into a tyrannical monster.  It is an incompetent and unaccountable agency with arbitrary rules which do not keep up safe, but are very good at inconveniencing us.  The TSA also subjects us to radiation in their scanners, and body searches that are normally a felony, except when a TSA agent starts groping down someone´s pants; that is considered normal.  Regular people go to jail for such behavior, but not the unaccountable and incompetent TSA.

Please sign the petition below to end the TSA.

The government literally has its hands in our pants.Everyone knows they’ve done it for years – reaching in and grabbing our wallets while forcing huge tax bills and piles of debt on us.

Every inch of our person has become fair game for government thugs posing as “security” as we travel around the country.

Senator Rand Paul has a plan to do away with the TSA for good, but he needs our help.

Please sign the petition below urging your representative to support – and your senators to cosponsor – Senator Paul’s END THE TSA bill. After you complete your petition, Please chip in a contribution to help C4L mobilize liberty activists across America to turn the heat up on Congress and end the TSA’s abuse of our rights.


Whereas:   Our constitutional rights are being violated every day by an out-of-control agency that was created in a misguided attempt to interject the government into a place it was not needed; and
Whereas:   The TSA does not make us more secure; it simply wastes time and money; and
Whereas:   The TSA has set up rules and procedures that harass ordinary citizens at the expense of actually finding terrorists; and
Whereas:   More outrageous cases of abuse by the TSA continue to be reported; and
Whereas:   Private security should handle airport checkpoints; and
Whereas:   Toddlers, mothers with small babies, grandparents, and the disabled are all being harassed while simply trying to board an airplane; and
Whereas:   The TSA is expanding even beyond airports to train stations, bus terminals, and other checkpoints, all beyond the scope of their authority;
Therefore: I urge you to support the END THE TSA bill, sponsored by Senator Rand Paul.
Please submit the information below to sign your support for the End the TSA Bill.

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