Is College Worth It

I have said before that the value of a college education is often overrated.  The universal message given by our politicians, educators, the media, etc., is that a college education is the ticket to the good life and the difference between success and failure.  The reality is much more complex.  Higher education has gone up in price, while its exclusivity has been completely undermined.  In other words, costs have risen and rewards have fallen.  For fields such as the sciences and medicine, getting a degree is usually well worth it, but the humanities are full of courses that provide little benefit towards getting a job, can usually be easily self taught, and cost a whole lot of money.  In other words, they are fun, but provide relatively little benefit when actually looking for a well paid job.  College should not be a place to “find yourself”.  It is too expensive for that.  Young people should take a “gap year” of a 1-2 years to travel, and work, and generally grow up, find out what they want to do, and get a perspective on life.  Too many young people are drifting thru college, getting into debt serfdom, without a clue as to what they are really doing and what they really want to do.  They end up with degrees in Communications, Sociology, Psychology, History, Art History, and then find that upon graduation they cannot get a job, or get a well paid job, to deal with their huge student loans.  Don Harrold explains it all below.


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