Why We are Fat

Here is the whole article.  Definitely worth listening to.


Some points worth noting are:

-The mentality of “all calories are created equal” has lead to disastrous results.

-78% of all diseases in the US are lifestyle and food relate; something to think about considering that health costs are on track to bankrupt the nation, and we have the power to solve the vast majority of our health problems with diet and lifestyle modification.  Of course nothing is done, because getting people fat and sick is good business for the food and sick care mafias, and those people control the politicians.

-The modern stressful two parents working lifestyle has lead to a fast food nation with predictable results.

The comments section is also gold.  Here are some.

3. If you need to use high heat cooking or want to fry your foods, regular or light OOs  are better option then CO.   Because of their high smoke point, these oils will stay stable and will not produce compounds that could be harmful for your health. CO  is best used at low to moderately high cooking temperatures.  However, as  for extra virgin and virgin OOs, it is best to avoid heating also  virgin CO  to preserve its  ANTIOXIDANTS.  In my opinion the best option for cooking are ANIMAL FATS OR GHEE, or  to avoid frying and baking at all,  such as Inuits.  Indeed, their  cultural practice is  that  meat of all kinds is generally BOILED…

…I quit counting calories 15 years ago. If you eliminate starches and sugars from your diet it is very difficult to even eat 2000 calories. Back in 1997/98 I was doing a serious Low/No Carb diet and was AMAZED at how easy it was to loose weight. I experimented with calorie intake mid way (4 months) into the diet to see if the theory on the 2000 calories a day was true…NOT!It was difficult, but for 3 weeks I doubled my meal portions. I was eating 4 eggs and 5 strips of bacon for breakfast, then 16 ounces of steak for lunch, and 20 or more ounces of steak for dinner. My lunch and dinner included at least 2 servings of green leafy veggies.  I still lost 1 to 2 pounds a week.  Prior to going low carb I was eating around 1,200 calories a day and the best I could do was maintain weight. To loose weight I had to eat 800 calories or less on the low fat diet.

What was even more amazing is that ALL of my blood work was normal. After 5 straight years of excruciating LOW FAT dieting and extreme exercising I finally found the magic bullet. Eliminate sugars and starches from the diet……NO EXCEPTIONS! Especially grains! Grains go beyond just spiking your sugar/insulin levels. Grains (especially wheat) have hormone mimicking lectins that disrupt nearly every function in your body. Wheat lectin can actually attach itself to the insulin receptors of the fat cells which turns them on as if insulin had attached itself to the receptors. The difference is that wheat lectin doesn’t know when to let go. It can remain attached for several days! This will trigger weight gain and an increase in appetite because the blood sugar your body needs for energy is being stored as fat…

…@topcat: my healthiest diet has no grains. I eat all meats, coconut oil, butter, animal fat, eggs, all non-starchy vegetables, mushrooms, seeds, nuts, plain yoghurt/kefir, berries, and only very occasionally: fruit, dark chocolate, and raw honey. No grains, no legumes (beans, lentils, peanuts), very limited dairy. Basically, I try to eat a hunter/gatherer diet. I also have a tendency to eat most of my food raw and only lightly cook some meat and eggs.

I stopped worrying about calories a long time ago, too. It’s an archaic, ineffective way to try to lose weight, but amazingly, many so-called experts still think high-carb/low-fat plus calorie counting is the only way to diet. Obviously one of the major problems with this sort of dieting is the fact that sugar junkies will eventually resort to using up most of their alloted calories on sweets–(“Let’s see now, if I skip the meat, I can still have my daily Coke.”)–and then health begins to suffer as well. Even the word “diet” is misleading, since the real secret to permanent weight loss involves a permanent change of lifestyle.It’s unfortunate that the high-protein/low-carb Atkins-type eating plan you describe still gets a bad rap. He was far ahead of his time but was widely criticized for promoting an “unhealthy” way of eating, even though he proved that eliminating grains and sweets also eliminated many health problems. Actually, you don’t need to totally eliminate grains as long as you don’t crave them and they don’t bother you. An occasional bowl of plain, unsweetened oatmeal or a small serving of brown rice won’t harm most healthy people, but it’s a very good idea to keep all grains and grain products to a once-in-a-while minimum…

…I totally agree that the “toxic twins” fructose and glucose are behind most of the metabolic problems we now see in our patients. We evolved eating very little fructose and even though some carbohydrates–mainly vegetables and fruits, have some health benefits, carbohydrates are not an essential part of our diet because our bodies can make glucose from protein and fat through the process of gluconeogenesis.

In addition to the diseases listed in this article these toxic twins also seem to be driving the increased incidence of a long list of common brain disorders including depression (weight gain type), ADHD, PTSD, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar II, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, restless leg syndrome and similar conditions.

We now believe that a single disease process triggered by sugar, HFCS and high glycemic carbohydrates is driving these common conditions. Fifteen years ago Hudson and Pope from Harvard noticed that these diseases seem to be tied together and they called it Affective Spectrum Disorder. Because they never identified the underlying pathology or triggers of the condition and didn’t tie it to metabolic problems, their concept never made it out of academic medicine.

We now believe that we have addressed these deficiencies and have renamed this disease Carbohydrate Associated Reversible Brain syndrome or CARB syndrome. CARB syndrome is now likely the most common chronic disease in modern societies. It is preventable, reversible and treatable but the incidence of CARB syndrome will continue to skyrocket until we acknowledge the toxic nature of our modern diet loaded with fake food made by the Industrial Food Complex. Following the recommendations in this article is the first step in preventing or treating CARB syndrome. Learn more at http://carbsyndrome.com.

“Something is going on” – it sure is! What happened over the last 30 years? This debate is incomplete without bringing in the fact that 30 years ago wheat was bio-engineered into a new wheat, thankfully made shockingly clear by William Davis. The ‘Frankengrain’ new-wheat produces blood sugar faster than a candy bar, it has more DNA strands than the old wheat, it has new proteins never before ingested, it’s highly addictive, and basically a GMO and a poison – eeek! Reeeeally? Yep – gotta check it out Dr. M.; this is a serious problem flying right under the radar – Wheat is no longer Wheat (http://youtu.be/XqC7Q1mfiUo  ).  Serious diseases to minor disturbances being quickly fixed by simply not eating ‘new-wheat’’

Here’s a good introductory interview: www2.macleans.ca/2011/09/20/on-the-evils-of-wheat-why-it-is-so-addicti..  and his blog: www.wheatbellyblog.com/%20and%20YouTube%20channel:%20http://www.youtub..!…

Gingerella, a good source, actually an exceptionally source to understand grains, whole or refined is a book by William Davis, MD titled “Wheat Belly”.  Another poster on here brought my attention to this book.  She said after reading the book she will never eat any kind of wheat again.  I am about half way through the book and am convinced that eliminating wheat, whole or refined, from my diet is the best thing I can do for overall health.  Traditionally people use the term “beer belly”  but it’s wheat that puts the visceral fat on the belly and other internal organs. Wheat is considered responsible for or contributing to many diseases and health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, acidic PH, insulin resistance, celiac disease, and obesity.

The missing puzzle piece, Gingerella, is that today’s wheat is COMPLETELY different from the wheat that was grown even two generations ago. It has been crossbred, hybridized, manipulated so that it no longer even physically resembles the wheat your grandparents and possibly even your parents ate. Yes, it’s the chemicals and preservatives, but it’s ALSO the deliberate increase in gluten content. In the last 50 years the gluten content of wheat has been increased by 400%. In the last 50 years the incidence of celiac disease has risen by 400%. And that’s not even counting those who have become gluten-intolerant as a result (probably most of us). Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences…
On a news report on Sunday, April 29, it stated that a  medical journal now advocates taking not 1, but  2 drugs to control obesity in kids!  It went on to say that obesity in children is almost epidemic and leads to diabetes. While a spokesperson said that a “lifestyle” change could make a difference, he added that it was hard to get kids to do so. He implied it would be easier to take drugs than to eat healthy foods and exercise.Our kids are doomed, unless they have parents, who understand what fast food, candy and soda are doing to their bodies. It is almost impossible to find “healthy” food, because of the introduction of Franken food into our food system.  So the solution? Drugs and more drugs to control exploding bodies. Great for Big Pharma, this opens a whole new market — kids. This situation with our youth is not only disgusting, but terribly sad.



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